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National Cash Mob Day


Last week, as luck would have it, Columbia, South Carolina, Cleveland, Ohio and Austin, Texas all had Cash Mobs at the exact same time.  It was kind of fun to know that other people were mobbing.  Then I remembered someone else suggested that we do a National Cash Mob day.  At the time, it would have been just 15 cities, but now…

But now.

On March 24, 2012, we invite you to a little National Cash Mob action.  Organize a mob in your community for that day.  It can be all day (like Chagrin Falls) or more Flash Mobbish (like Bellport, Long Island, New York). If you haven’t yet planned a mob in your community, try to get one together in the next couple of weeks to get comfortable with it, then plan another for March.

New mob or old, we hope you will join us on March 24, 2012, and know that thousands of other people are doing the same thing as part of this Cash Mob Community!



  1. Missy says:

    Great idea! Does it work better if you pick just one store, or if you do “Main Street”?

  2. Renee says:

    Perfect!!! We’ll plan our March Cash Mob event for that day!

  3. Alice says:

    We have one planned in Norwood, Ohio for early March. We’ll just have another bonus mob.. or do April’s mob early. We shall see. I am excited about the challenge to get together another surprise mob.

  4. […] is a concept that just floated up out of the internet univers, Cash Mobs, wonder what they are? Go to the link. The thought is to keep $’s local and support local […]

  5. Rita brookoff says:

    Hi there, We’re having NYC’s first Cash Mob on Thursday Feb 23 at 7 PM.
    We will have our 2nd on National Mob Day. Be a part of Retail History Join us at the NW corner of Prince and Spring Sts….Mobsters of the World Unite!

  6. […] a Facebook Page for San Diego Cash Mobs that has almost 600 “Likes,” and even a National Cash Mob Day planned for March 24. We applaud such efforts and hope they continue. And if you want a cash mob to […]

  7. Renee says:

    Here’s our first one, doing one again tomorrow 2-18. http://www.casualgal.com/press.htm

    Grassroots, word of mouth is creating quite a bit of buzz!

    It’s a great idea and a lot of fun

  8. Rebecca says:

    Has anyone considered combining a cash mob with a donation? Go to a local toy store, for example, and follow up by a donate mob to a local children’s charity…

    • Andrew Samtoy says:

      We’ve seen Cash Mobs in conjunction with a canned food drive, but no cash donations as far as I know. Try it and let us know how it turns out!

      • suzanne says:

        for that matter how about donate for blood drives, etc too? or visit mobs to lonely seniors in nursing homes? There is no end to the possibilities!!

    • Jana says:

      We’re trying to organize a cash mob for our non profit (volunteerlansing.com) and are trying to decide if we want to have them donate directly to our organization or to partner with a local business and have them donate a portion of their proceeds. Advice anyone?

      • We have a number of non profit businesses in Denton, such as the second had store which gives all its sales to the crisis pregnancy center, or the coffee house and furniture restoration place that works with a rehab facility. If you have something similar in your town you may consider mobbing those businesses. (we, too, have an active RSVP group in Denton, but they don’t take donations directly; instead they are assigned to partner organizations such as our library, or habitat for humanity).

      • Jana Nicol says:

        We actually decided to do an event on 3/24 at a local art gallery. They are going to give us 25% of their sales during the hour of the cash mob and then the local pizza place down the street is also going to donate a percentage from the cash mob group. We’re very excited about it and have started promoting it on facebook.

  9. AH! I’m so excited! Our (Denton, TX) first mob is this coming Saturday…..but I already have a few more in the works….so FOR SURE we’ll do one on March 24!

  10. Youngstown (Ohio) will participate in National Cash Mob Day in an all-day Cash Mob at Touch the Moon Candy Saloon, a vintage candy shop painted cotton candy pink in a gorgeous historic downtown building. Proceeds from this business help support and employ disabled adults. Our first Cash Mob in February at a wonderful used book shop brought in $1200, as well as love for the store’s 18-pound Maine Coon Cat, Ernie.

  11. We are planning our next Fayetteville, AR mob for National Cash Mob Day!

  12. […] phenomenon… so much so in fact that they have their own day. Yes, you too can celebrate National Cash Mob Day on March 24th. Here is the general idea of a Cash Mob: encourage people to go into small, local independently […]

  13. […] LockData for a great shop local event at 1 pm, March 24th, National Cash Mob Day! This recent movement has been sweeping cities like San Francisco, Oslo, and Chicago, and […]

  14. Naomi Riley says:

    We will launch our CASH mobbing on March 24th! The response to the idea has been very well received!!!! Thanks for coming up with a great idea that has spurred others to join in!

    Naomi Riley,
    Fuquay-Varina Downtown

  15. […] you know that Saturday, March 24th has been dubbed “National Cash Mob Day“?  That means in cities around the country, groups of people who have maybe only one thing […]

  16. I have been hosting a Cash Mob each month since January in Chatham. We are a seaside community where the summer tourist season is the best followed by the fall shoulder season. We only “Mob” stores that stay open year round and then we go out to lunch, coffee, or dinner depending the time of the mob. This way we patronize not just 1 but 2 local businesses. We do have our 3rd Cash Mob scheduled for this Saturday!

  17. […] March 24th is your chance to be a part of Brooklyn’s very first Cash Mob to celebrate National Cash Mob Day. Local author Amy Cortese, whose book Locavesting is a bible on the subject of investing in our own […]

  18. […] is National Cash Mob Day and Northern Colorado is certainly making a fine home to the mobs. Fort Collins just had a […]

  19. […] Saturday, March 24, has been designated National Cash Mob Day. As hundreds of cash mobs across the country and around the world prepare to celebrate locally […]

  20. […] March 24, has been designated National Cash Mob Day. The grassroots, community-led Clark County Cash Mobs (CCCM) will meet at noon on Saturday at the […]

  21. […] Thursday March 22nd, Marc and I decided to take on organizing a cash mob for National Cash Mob Day.  Even though we did not have much time to plan, I still wanted to go for it.  I figured that at […]

  22. KB says:

    I cash mobbed today!!! Thank you for spreading the word. Here is my blog about it…. http://jellyjumbles.com/?p=1684

  23. Our mob wasn’t great, but I finally got some press and have been contacted by about 20 people since Tuesday!

  24. […] On connaissait la tendance « locavore », qui consiste à acheter des produits alimentaires qui viennent de la région où l’on habite, voici dans la même mouvance le « Cashmob ». […]

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