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Mobbee Perspective – Big Fun Toys, Cleveland Heights, Ohio


On Thursday February 9th, Andrew Samtoy, along with co-conspirators (I say this in a positive way) Lindsay Fello and Ashley Sparks, rallied a group of 65 community-minded souls together in Coventry Village in Cleveland Heights to cash mob my business, Big Fun. What an incredible feeling it is to watch five dozen plus people rush in your front door with smiles on their faces and with one and only one idea: to support a local business. No discounts, no special deals – that’s not the mission here.

For me, an independent business owner, it means much more than that the dollars that were spent in a 75-minute buying frenzy. I am very thankful for this cash infusion.¬† Many of the cash mob participants had never been to my store, let alone Coventry Village. Afterwards, my wife, Debbie and I joined up with many of the cash mob participants at another locally owned place, La Cave Du Vin, for a beer and some engaging and inspiring conversation. Again, many had never been to this award winning bar, known for their specialty wines and beers. Debbie and I made new friends that night from this group of cash mobbers that grew out of Bridge Builders, a Cleveland based young leadership organization. It is this cash mob group that has accomplished what too many only talk about: making change by taking action. Action is stronger than words. This strong young group made a change in my business and others on Thursday night. The group’s positive cash mob has now caused this incredibly creative and yes, grassroots idea to spread throughout small towns and big cities here in the US. The cash mob events are also happening in other parts of the world.

People are now actively supporting Mom and Pops and other local independently owned businesses. Cash mobs have become a buzzword and has become a movement. It has helped bring back the culturally important idea, of supporting those who support you.

Keep it local. It feels good.
Ghandi put it simply and so powerfully…
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
I’ll see you all at the next cash mob.
~Steve Presser


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  1. I wish Oklahoma City could do one of these for real estate. I own and operate a small real estate company and compete against Keller Williams, REMAX, Century 21and the like. All big national chains. And real estate agents all do the same thing, one no different than the other. I know what will be said, “David, my mom and sister and brother all work for these big chains and they get paid a lot of money and we spent it here in the city”. Yeah but usually the 70-30% split, 30% goes to the company headquarters in wherever! A full 100% of my commissions would stay here in Oklahoma City! I don’t want all the real estate transaction, I’m just like other small businesses, my business model only requires 1 transaction a month! That’s right, 1 transaction a month! I don’t have 100 agents working for me, I am a one man show for now! I love the idea, keep going.

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