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Want to Start a Cash Mob?


So you want to start a Cash Mob? Here are some tips for getting started!

  1. Get a Cash Mob twitter handle.  We recommend something like “CM_____” where “_____” is the name of your city.  This makes it easier for people to find you.  For example, if they want to mob in, say, San Diego, they look for @cmsandiego.
  2. Figure out the business you want to mob according to these handy dandy rules.
  3. Talk to the business owner, get their permission, and decide on a day and time for your mob.
  4. Talk to a bar or restaurant owner nearby and ask them to host the aftermob.
  5. Set up a Facebook invitation.  Trust us.  Even if you hate Facebook, this is a great way to get information out to people.
  6. Contact all of the local newspapers, television stations, radio stations and events pages, tell them what you’re doing and ask them to run a piece on your mob.
  7. Partner with any local community or civic organizations you can find.  They will help you get the word out and bring people to the mob.
  8. Work with the city if you can.  At the very least, alert the city manager (or equivalent) of what you’re doing and see if you need to get permits, etc.
  9. If you have any questions, email us!

At the mob, there are three rules:

  1. Spend $20;
  2. Meet three people you didn’t know before;
  3. HAVE FUN!!!


  1. Mona Metzger says:

    Houston’s 1st Cash Mob today at 1pm EST – Super excited. Will let you know how it goes!

    • Cheryl Tomashek says:

      How did it go? I am in the Atascocita/Kingwood area and would be interested in a group in the area.

    • Durango Cash Mob!

      Just created the site today: DurangoCashMob.com – Still being processed under GoDaddy registry.

      Great idea! Great spirit! This is such an amazing concept.

      We love it.

      360Durango.com Staff

    • Glo says:

      I love the Cash Mob idea! Hope to organize one here.

      Had the thought to expand the concept to other areas, such as the national army of animal rescue groups (small businesses) who 24/7 rescue, feed, house, vet, nurture, and find homes for our animals in need, with little to no funding or recognition. Cash mobs (and press) could bring exposure, learn about the group and their needs, find volunteer opportunities and maybe an animal to love, bring needed skills and lots of $20 donations. My experiences have been richly rewarding working with these groups. Done nationally it could expand a national dialogue for real solutions and increase political will.

      Also brought to mind are businesses in low socioeconomic communities. There are lots of great small businesses there that often get passed by.

  2. Bryan Brown says:

    Fantastic blog and a wonderful idea whose time has come. Here’s a link to a recent article about Cash Mobs and which mentions your blog:


  3. Bryan Brown says:

    I plan to. The next several weeks I am slammed, but after that I’ll be setting some up. In the meantime, I’ve been doing my best to promote what you are doing:


  4. I’m writing about this. Post likely won’t be out for a few days as I’m also supporting the censorship/sopa w/ a black out on my blog etc. I’m following you now too.

  5. Jane Moore says:

    I live in North Fort Worth near the Texas Motor Speedway. Anyone doing anything out here?

  6. Lissett Reynaga says:

    This is AMAZING.
    My Uncle has a thrift store and all your rules apply except MAYBE the one to meet for drinks after. 1 their is NO bars near us and second since we are a non profit organization helping out people with Drug Addictions and Alcohol problems im not sure would be the best. Do you think a Cash Mob would work for our business?

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  8. Polly Boes says:

    A cash mob should be started in or near St. Clair, Michigan.

    • Andrew Samtoy says:

      And Polly, I want to see YOU stepping up and doing it. YOU can make a difference. Let me know how I can help.


  9. Tom says:

    What a fantastic program. I live in Reno and will be organizing one in our area. Way to go!

    • Andrew Samtoy says:

      Hooray – we’re honored to have you on board, Tom! Let us know when you have a Twitter/Facebook handle and we’ll get you on the list!

  10. Working on one here in Denton, Texas. Details to come!

  11. Suzanne says:

    SO excited! Can’t wait to do this in our town. Thanks for the info!

  12. We held the first meeting of the Fayetteville, AR Cash Mob today. Twitter is @CMFayAR and a facebook page is being developed.

    Our inaugural event will be held at Night Bird Books in Fayetteville, AR on February 26, 2012 at 2:00 pm with aftermob at BHK Kafe, located on the same premises.

    We are very, very excited and can’t wait to see the momentum this causes in the area.

  13. Kirk LaDuke says:

    I am starting one in Holland, MI. I have not set a date yet but have set up a facebook group page and a twitter account. Absolutly love this idea and think it’s going to be great. We are also going to add a can drive to each of our cashmobs. Thanks for the idea.

    Facebook group page: Cashmob Holland
    twitter: @cashmobholland

    • Jean Wolniakowski says:

      Hey how exciting! I read about “cash mob” a month ago and have been thinking about it. I’m ready to pull the trigger! I’m in Grand Haven MI. Let me. Know how it goes. Thanks

  14. Dani B says:

    San Diego inspired me. Las Vegas is launching this summer http://www.facebook.com/cashmoblasvegas and http://www.twitter.com/cmlasvegasnv

  15. […] Want to Start a Cash Mob? We each do a little. We all do a lot. […]

  16. […] Cash mobs are apparently so popular in Cleveland, for example, there’s a blog that highlights upcoming mobs and reviews past mob activity. The “Cash Mobs” blog also offers a few tips on how to start your own cash mob: […]

  17. I am the Marketing Director for the Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association. I am wanting to plan a series of “Cash Mobs” but have a few questions.

    Timing? Our local merchants have just started “First Thursdays” where they have committed to staying open from 5 to 7pm the first Thursday of every month. I think this would be a good fit. People have not really caught on yet, but I think they will given a little time. Also, it would show our support of First Thursday in a tangible way.

    Business Selection? Since we are membership based, I think the only “fair” way to select a business would be to put all of them in a bucket and draw a name – committing to doing this for all businesses within a set amount of time. Do you think that will work?

    “Near You” ? We are in Tupelo, Mississippi – Yes, the birthplace of Elvis Presley. In fact Tupelo Hardware where Elvis purchased his first guitar is one of downtown business and it still in full operations. Are there any other locations in Mississippi planning cash mobs?

    Downtown/MainStreet? Are there any other downtown or main street organizations planning cash mobs and are there any lessons learned that we should be aware of?

    The next First Thursday is March 1st. I think we’re going for it!

  18. I might set up one for Orlando Florida… but only on facebook, sorry twitter fans. 😛

  19. Damian Tenorio says:

    Hey Andrew, I’m just created a Twitter handle @cmsanantonio for San Antonio, TX. This is for a great cause man. Looking forward to getting one organized soon. Thanks Damian

  20. Darik Eaton says:

    CMSeattle has started and can be found on FB Cash Mob Seattle in addition to twitter. Planning for first event 3/24 most likely unless we are able to get some good numbers in the meantime!

  21. Amy Allison says:

    Very excited to announce that Orlando’s first cash mob has been scheduled for Friday, March 2 at 6:30 p.m. Meeting location TBA.

    You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter at: https://www.facebook.com/OrlandoCashMob

  22. Roland Martino says:

    Heard about this great idea to support local businnes
    and I am in the process of starting our own cash mob in
    St. Pete, Fl @cmStPeteFL

  23. Heather D-T says:

    Creating Atlantic Canada’s first Cash Mob in Saint John NB.
    This is a positive and proactive idea to help small business .
    Thank-you and I will keep you posted on our efforts.


  24. Nancy Cothrum says:

    Getting started in Bartlesville and Dewey, Oklahoma!! Here is the twitter page: https://twitter.com/#!/CMBVILLEDEWEY. I will be setting up the Facebook account in the next few days.

    I am looking forward to having the first event!! I will let you know when it is set up!!!!

  25. Nancy Cothrum says:

    Here is the updated Facebook link:


  26. Hi I was reading about this and am feeling inspired to start a cash mob too in London, UK. Wish me luck!!

  27. Started Toledo Cash Mob, in Toledo Ohio, just 3 days ago and it went bananas. 80+ members with more on a regular basis, I started out on Facebook and have the twitter handle toledocashmob too. Members on Facebook nominated places, I found one and contacted the owner, it’s a go. No date scheduled I have to call the owner. How do I get listed in your list? Very excited.

  28. Just started a new Cash Mob in Edmonton, AB, Canada! Out First Mob will be in 3 weeks – thank you for all the links you have provided. Mad love for the Mobbers!

  29. Jim Rivett says:

    This is great! I Want to get one going in Green Bay, WI. Small businesses could use a lift like this. So many potential cash mobs, so little time!


  30. Nancy Cothrum says:

    I am meeting with the Chamber of Commerce today. It was suggested to be a member and to have access to their website and other forms of networking. They are having a “Business After Hours” tomorrow night and I will get to meet and greet with the Local Business Owners! She also suggested to have “Business Cards” printed with the ‘Bartlesville / Dewey Cash Mobs’ – Twitter and Facebook Accounts and maybe a logo. I have a logo in mind that I am having created. She was about as excited about this as I am. Looking forward to talking with the person from the Chamber later!

    I will keep you informed on how everything went about the meet and greet tomorrow.

    • Nancy Cothrum says:

      The meet and greet was interesting. I did meet a few people that might be interested in having a Cash Mobs event. I spoke with one lady that has more ideas than I had and was excited about the events I want to have in the future. I believe this will be very good for this small town.

  31. Gene says:

    Cash Mob 422 started today, covering the southern business corridor of US 422 (Pottstown, Royersford, Limerick, Trappe, Collegeville, Phoenixville, Valley Forge areas) in the northwest suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cashmob422
    Twitter: @cashmob422

  32. Question about setting up facebook. What’s best – a page, an event, a website, etc. I would like to be able to reach out to the 2500 people who already like our Main Street FB Page. What have yall found is the best way to communicate via Facebook.

    And – on Twitter – looks like some are setting up @CM… and some are just using the hashtags #CM…. What’s the best method there, also?

    Thanks for any and all help. We are having our first Cash Mob on Sunday, March 25th in conjunction with our Downtown Spring Open House. Please add us to the calendar – Downtown Tupelo, Mississippi. I will send the FB & Twitter links as soon as I get them up. THANKS!

    • Andrew Samtoy says:

      I don’t think a website is really worth it. Just go with an event page and a page if you’d like one.

      We’d prefer @CM(CITY), just because then it’s standardized and someone in, say, Solon, Ohio can look for @cmsolon and find it!

      3/24 is National Cash Mob day – I hope you can join us!

  33. I started out with a Facebook page and annoyed everyone I could think of locally, then I got the matching Twitter account, then when the event was scheduled I did an event page. We ended up with over 100 members on our Facebook page in less than a week, yes I’m that annoying. Ask advice from members, let them be part of the places, voting works well. Keep conversation going.

  34. Okay…. we’re live!

    Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/DowntownTupeloCashMob
    Twitter – https://twitter.com/#!/DTTupeloCM

    I will let yall know how its going. THANKS!

  35. kmkildea says:

    I’d like to share a video we just uploaded: “What’s a CashMob?” — 60 seconds… generic…. good to share if you want to just introduce people to the concept. go ahead ~ have at it:

    A comment about facebook & twitter — if cash mob organizers are not already using social media, they may be of the mindset that “if I tweet it, they will come”. You can’t just set up a page or twitter account and expect followers to flock. You’ve got to engage them – give them links to news broadcasts and articles about cash mobs that are happening all over the country. Prime the pump! And TALK with people – you need to start following the social media users and shakers in your community, and start engaging them in conversation. Retweet something they said… comment on something they tweeted… It takes a long time to build up a following, and it takes effort. See if you can’t get someone on board who’s a little more social media savvy to be an admin on your account and help you along.



    Looking forward to our first mob on 3/24!

  36. The young spirited folks of La Grande, Oregon took the call and began their own cash mob last week. A great success for this small rural Eastern Oregon town. Our facebook group is growing! What a great idea and a direct economic benefit to our downtown. Here is a little article and a youtube video documenting the first mob at BELLA in La Grande.


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  38. Roanoke, VA’s first cash mob is about to happen in a week!

  39. Marcia says:

    I am going to start a cash mob in Wakefield, Ma. anyone near there doing anything?

  40. Leslie says:

    We are doing one in Tacoma, WA! Find our Facebook page!!!

  41. Melly Miller says:

    I would like to start a Cash Mob in Frederick, MD. Do you know if someome has already started here?

  42. […] designated International Cash Mob Day. If you’d like to start cash mobs in your city, here are some steps for doing so, as well as some general rules you can apply to your city’s cash mob program. Here are some other […]

  43. […] International Cash Mob Day. If you’d like to start cash mobs in your city, here are some steps for doing so, as well as some general rules you can apply to your city’s cash mob program. Here are some […]

  44. kirk says:

    Facebook group. Cashmob holland
    Twitter. Cashmobholland

    Having our first cashmob on march 24. At 11am.

  45. […] March 24, has been dubbed International Cash Mob Day.Here’s how a cash mob typically works:People nominate locally owned businesses via Twitter or Facebook. The date of the cash mob is announced via Twitter a week or more before the event.The name of the […]

  46. J. Vernon says:

    I was inspired by a story on local news and within 2 days, we had the genesis of a new mob. The Columbia Cash Mob just established a Facebook page yesterday and have already enjoyed almost 600 members! We cannot wait to make a positive impact in our community. THANK YOU!

  47. The Canton/Massillon, OH FIRST EVER Cash Mob is this Saturday, March 24th! We are planning one Cash Mob every month for our local area. For all of the information find us at: RelyLocalCanton.com, RelyLocalMassillon.com and our Facebook page “RelyLocal: Canton/Massillon Area”

    Happy Cash Mob Day!!

  48. […] mob for your business or on behalf of another one down the road. The Cash Mob blog provides some suggestions for getting one started, which […]

  49. Fantastic Heidi. Job opened one in Durango, Colorado last night. Well, at 5am this morning.

    Wishing you luck and happiness!


  50. Angela N says:

    Just set up the Cash Mob for downtown Sycamore IL. Our quaint downtown is made up of ALL independently owned, and operated shops and restaurants. @CMSycamoreIL and FB group (maybe I should have created a page instead ?)

  51. Angela N says:

    Ok – added a FB page instead. A group doesn’t really fit the format we need now does it ? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sycamore-IL-Cash-Mob

  52. […] diretti. Per creare il passaparola è stato sufficiente utilizzare la rete. Samtoy ha raccolto nel blog cashmobs le regole fondamentali dell’evento, tra cui essere disposti a incontrare persone che non si […]

  53. […] diretti. Per creare il passaparola è stato sufficiente utilizzare la rete. Samtoy ha raccolto nel blog cashmobs le regole fondamentali dell’evento, tra cui essere disposti a incontrare persone che non si […]

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  55. […] Support your local businesses with a cash mob. If you want to support small businesses in your community for National Small Business Week (and hopefully the whole year round), this approach is a simple and direct one. Cash Mobs […]

  56. raisingdaisy says:

    What a great idea! I love everything about it. I’ll be passing the word along through my blog and telling everyone I know! 😀

  57. […] Support your local businesses with a cash mob. If you want to support small businesses in your community for National Small Business Week (and hopefully the whole year round), this approach is a simple and direct one. Cash Mobs […]

  58. […] mob for your business or on behalf of another one down the road. The Cash Mob blog provides some suggestions for getting one started, which […]

  59. Marty Hodges says:

    I am trying so hard and getting no response,,,,Can anyone offer help? My FB page is http://www.facebook.com/BaldwinCashMob This small business is locally owned and operated by a 23 year old single mother of two. I really want to help her.

  60. suziwine says:

    First off, you are not supposed to name the establishment you are going to mob, that is is the rules, this way I believe is so people won’t wait to frequent said establishment until the day of scheduled mob, also so people can decide not to mob based on business. How are you promoting? I went to local radio and newspaper for support. Try that and just get momentum. We plan to support one business every month. Hope this helps

  61. Frank says:

    I’m A Chamber Board Member in Sebring Ohio. We will be doing our first cash mob in Downtown Sebring Oh. I’m a little nervous but could use some help. What should I do to make it successful? I know setting a dollar amount posting on Face Book and running an ad in the local newspaper. What else should I do?

  62. suziwine says:

    Get a local printer to print out flyers and posters for you put them in as many local businesses as possible. Hand out flyers at chamber events and other networking events. People LOVE this idea so its easy to get participation. Local radio also is a good one! Good Luck and have fun!

  63. […] store, and spending $20 or more, to help give local concerns a helping hand at a difficult time. “The general idea is to encourage people to go into small, local businesses and spend their money, en masse, to give the business owner a little bit of economic stimulus,” says the blog […]

  64. EBY MIChaEL says:

    I LiKE iT

  65. Athena says:

    can you help me set this up..i didn’t quite understand how the twitter thing works

  66. […] Want to Start a Cash Mob? We each do a little. We all do a lot. […]

  67. Kristine says:

    Just set up a Cash Mob twitter page for Killeen, Texas! We are right next to Fort Hood, and we will be going to Harker Heights and Copperas Cove until someone else wants to take over those areas. Follow @CashMobKilleen if you live in the area

  68. Sherry Logan says:

    Doing our 1st Cash Mob here in Silver City, NM on March 30th. Launching it tomorrow at our Chamber Luncheon. This will be a monthly event and we plan to have a bucket in the store that you can put your money in if you do not find anything to buy, and then we will purchase items from the store with bucket money and end of year donate those items to a charity.

    • Nancy Cothrum says:

      Love the idea of the bucket money and donate items to a charity! If I was shopping and bought something, I would be inclined to add money to the bucket anyway!

  69. sidney hines says:

    I can shoot myself in the 1970’s I started a similar organization in Dundee Il. and Elgin Il. and called ourselves Mystery Shoppers before the new conotation came into existence. Will try to start a N. Pinellas Fl. Cash Mob

  70. Launching Indy Buying Group and would love to work together in any way you seem fit. Your group seems right on target (please excuse the chain reference). Lets try to chat in upcoming weeks

    Norman Scherer

    Indy Boost

    917 822-1870

  71. Heidi says:

    Hi! I am the organizer of Cash Mob St. Albert, Alberta Canada. @cashmobstalbert FB: Cash Mob St. Albert Group. Since our inception in September of 2012, we have mobbed 18 businesses, averaged 72 mobbers per night, and have tracked directly over $62,000 of local economic stimulus! Here is a piece done on the local news for our Season ending June mob: http://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=382812&playlistId=1.1872088&binId=1.1203428&playlistPageNum=1 I partnered with a local paper who does weekly ads for our mobs and I have also been asked to write 3 columns for that paper. A great way to give back to the community but also have fun! Please add us to your list!

  72. Valerie Wilson says:

    Andrew – Debbie Dawson and I started the Cash Mob of West Pasco ( a county in Florida) next month is our 3rd year. We’ve brought in over $50,000 in revenue for local Mom & Pop businesses and we have also raised awareness. (many people didn’t know the businesses were there). We average about 30 Mobbers in attendance each Saturday. We Mob one Saturday a month. With this said, we’ve had 2 different local TV interviews and a lot of exposure. How do I post this on your site here showing our Cash Mob group exists and also post the news feeds? We have an amazing group of Mobbers that care deeply for the local Mom & Pop business owner. facebook.com/groups/CashMobOfWestPasco/
    ~ Thank you! Valerie Wilson

  73. I absolutely love this concept!

    It’s a HUGE shot in the arm financially when the business is local/independent and struggling. Like the story about this hardware store… heart felt. Really pulls the community together.

    https://youtu.be/1oVNUCaF9KM in case the embed didn’t work.

    We’re in the process of setting one up in our area very soon.

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