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Thanks for visiting!


The response from the Today Show piece this morning has been fantastic – thanks to everyone for visiting!  If you’re interested in finding out about a Cash Mob near you, visit this page for the full list.  It is organized alphabetically by state, then country.  If you don’t see your community on the list, organize one yourself.  Seriously.  You are responsible for your community, and a Cash Mob is a great way to help build that community.  Don’t put it off or wait for some time or set of circumstances in the future; start it today. Finally, check us out on Twitter – it has proven to be an incredibly useful tool for organizing and coordinating efforts across the country and around the world.

We’re incredibly thankful for your interest and visit, and we hope to see you at a Cash Mob soon!


Cash Mobs



  1. Nashville, GA. is hosting a Cash Mob this Thursday at 7:00. Everyone will meet at the fountain at Connie’s Childrens Park downtown. Our mob is not showing up on the website…not sure why?

  2. Thank you for supporting small businesses like ours, which have struggled against franchises for years. How do we get on your list? We are a small coffee store in Northridge, CA and have been in the same location for 39 years. contact us at jgbb747@yahoo.com, or information@barclayscoffee.com. Thanks

  3. DebbieLB says:

    I’ve been looking on the Today Show website for the link to the story…I have organized a Cash Mob in 10 days in our little town. We have only 500 residents, and a dwindling business community. It is time to step up and quit waiting for someone else to do it! I’m promoting it in our local newspaper, with street signs, flyers and on Facebook, but I’d love to link to the story from Today. Do you know the link? Is it online?

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