About Us

What are Cash Mobs?
Cash Mobs are flash mobs, but instead of singing and dancing we spend money as a group!  We target the small, local businesses that make each community special in order to give the business owners an economic stimulus.  We help businesses grow, we make people happy, we get stuff for ourselves, we have a great time, and we get a drink to celebrate afterward!

Who Is/Are Cash Mobs?

“Cash Mobs” are organized by people trying to make a positive impact on the businesses in their communities (and have fun while doing it)!  Organizers are not paid for the work they do; they organize Cash Mobs in order to benefit their communities.

Where do we see Cash Mobs going?

The answer is, quite simply: we don’t know.

Cash Mobs are sprouting up all over the world, from America to Australia, Italy to Argentina.  At the same time, they are evolving; some mobs focus on restaurants, some on grocery stores and farmers markets.  The neat thing about having all of these people acting independently and doing things their own way is that it becomes sort of like a Federal system – a whole bunch of people are experimenting, changing rules, and doing things their own way – or not.  They’re learning about what works and, what’s probably as important, what doesn’t work.

What we’re hoping for is that everyone will share their experiences here, on the blog, the good and, more importantly, the bad.  We really, REALLY want to know what you think contributed to the success of your Cash Mobs and what you would do differently in the future.

Let us know, either in the comments or by emailing us something we can put up as a stand-alone post!

We created this site to share our experiences, offer ideas and a template for others who may want to organize their own Cash Mobs, and offer a forum for others to share their ideas and experiences as well. We hope you enjoy, and we encourage you to follow us on Twitter @Cashmobs. Check out the rules and, if you want to start your own Cash Mob, we’re here to help.