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Lunch today

The cash mob lunch today is at Pura Vida right in public  square! 


Dispatch from Jacksonville, Florida

Andrew –

Just wanted to give you an update on what is happening in Jacksonville, FL.

We just had our third cash mob and we keep increasing momentum.  This last event drew 81 people.  We mobbed a local stationery store and I handed out stamps and encouraged mobbers to write a letter to a loved one, to a friend and tell them about the great things happening in our city, to your favorite non-profit with a small donation enclosed or to your neighbor and invite them over for dinner… all things to encourage maintaining our social capital and fostering our sense of community.

I really appreciate all of your help and guidance.  As you can see, we have steadily increased our participation and economic impact every month.

42 people Downtown

$609 Chamblins Uptown

Burrito Gallery figures are not available but same day sales increased by 38 percent


68 people Avondale

$1300 Green Man Gourmet

$579 Mojos #4


81 people San Marco

$2203.59 The Write Touch

$470 Pizza Palace


This month I plan on doing a regular cash mob and conducting a ‘lunch mob’ at a local farmers market.  That’s a great idea about the lunch mob concept.

Thanks again

Mike Field