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Stop waiting. Start now, where you are, with what you’ve got.

I keep getting messages from people who say they are starting a Cash Mob, but that they are waiting for something to happen that will prove that they have traction – they want 100 followers on Twitter, or 100 Likes on Facebook, and then they’ll think about organizing a mob.

It’s been said before that you can’t wait for conditions to be favorable if you want to change.  It is usually said about an abstract and uncertain thing like changing the world, or having a kid.  Well, maybe having a kid isn’t abstract, but you get what I’m saying – it’s usually not really clear what the speaker is talking about, but they say something like, “if you’re going to change the world, start it today!”  Then they don’t tell you how to start.

Cash Mobs aren’t abstract.  If you’re going to use a Cash Mob to help local businesses and also build the face-to-face community that we, as humans, need and crave, do it today.  Don’t put it off until you have some arbitrary amount of support.  Followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook won’t actually correspond to people who show up at Cash Mobs anyway, and you’ll advance farther, faster if you actually start organizing and get the word out in your community that you’re going to help improve it, come hell or high water.

Stop waiting. Start now, where you are, with what you’ve got.


International Cash Mob Day II

So here’s the official announcement: International Cash Mob Day II: May 25, 2012.  We hope you can join us.  Here in Cleveland, we’ll be doing one in the evening; it may involve QR codes, city history and a band or two, so keep your eyes on our Twitter feed and here on the blog for more information.

But wait, there’s more!

Lisa Gilmore, Los Angeles Organizer Extraordinaire, said she might not be able to do one in May since she’ll be traveling, but that she’ll get someone from her core group to do one.  Then, Joanne Foster-Coffin in Chicago suggested that we start sharing organizational responsibilities a bit so that communities are not dependent on a single organizer.  Communities can keep the same Twitter feeds and invite the same people on Facebook or via email, but the organizers should think about letting someone else take the reins for different Cash Mobs.  I think it’s a genius move.

So here’s a suggestion: if you’ve been organizing Cash Mobs in your community, and you’ve organized three (3) or more, reach out to someone who has been to a mob and who you think would do a good job organizing and get them to organize May 25.  Extra points if they’ve never been a community leader before, but you think they have what it takes.  Support them, help them, but make sure that they’re the responsible party.  Then, enjoy the mob!

Email us with any suggestions or questions, and follow us on Twitter!

Cash Mobs Las Vegas – Dead Poet Books

This was sent to the coordinator of Las Vegas Cash Mobs by the owner of Dead Poet Books, and it is a great reminder of the effect that Cash Mobs can have:

THANK YOU and everyone who was involved!  I wish I could thank each and everyone personally – please do let everyone know just how much Rich and I appreciate their generosity and the intent of this event. It was certainly a positive experience for us. I have such strong feelings about being involved in community efforts and have always tried to be that “place” where one can go and feel welcomed, where people can gather to share ideas, feelings, etc., and where children feel safe, happy, and appreciated. The best part, for me, were the kids – my favorite pictures from the event are of them. Our sales were terrific – thank you everyone! – it has been a struggle since our economy started falling, and the popularity of e-books has really impacted the printed word community, not just brick and mortar stores, but authors and publishers,too. We are very, very grateful. I’m not sure how many people there were, 40+ I think, (there were some late-comers), but I don’t think there have EVER been that many people in our store at one time – that was SUCH a good feeling!!!  Blessings upon you for bringing this idea to Las Vegas, it is such a great idea for renewing interest in the small business. I, too, hope it continues to grow and people once again (customer AND shop owner) feel they matter.

Keep it going everyone, and accept our heartfelt thanks for this great boost and the glow we are still feeling – please know that you did/do make a difference – Thank you !!!!! I will do my best to pay it forward.

P.S. Special thanks to the younger crowd –it made me so happy to see you!!!


Quiet time

It has been a bit of a quiet time in the last two weeks, which is strange after the mad rush of International Cash Mob Day.  Cleveland has had another mob since, organized by the Lakewood group, and I’m planning on getting one together in the next 2-3 weeks with a twist – more cultural history about the area.

Part of the magic of International was that people across the country and around the world were all focused on their own communities, but we were united in supporting each other.  That sort of feeling must continue.  I think we’ll have our next International Cash Mob Day in late May, and then hold them monthly thereafter.  Any comments would be welcome!

It has been a pretty incredible trip so far, and we’re resting up right now/consolidating our energy.  Lets see what happens next, shall we?

Detroit checking in…

I’m a month late with this, but it’s a great piece about a mob in Detroit!  – Andrew

by Arthur Mullen

On Saturday March 3rd, Tis County was the focus of Mount Clemens first Cash Mob.  They saw an over 600% increase in transactions from the previous weekend, over doubling of the recommended purchase of $10 in goods, and over 135 visitors.

Shoppers also came in the day before and the days following the Cash Mob to show their support for Tis Country too.  One Cash Mobber came all the way from Marine City, MI, over 25 miles away!

The After Mob at Detroit Pub saw a doubling their Saturday afternoon sales!  A goal for the After Mob was to assist mobbers in getting to know other shoptivists while supporting a second independent business.

The first Cash Mobs sprung up in Buffalo and Cleveland around the same time last fall.  The organizer’s intent was to provide a financial and morale boost to a local business owner while giving the Mobbers the opportunity to meet new people during the events.

Periodic future Cash Mobs will be held in the coming months.   Details will be posted on the Mount Clemens DDA website, on its www.facebook.com/DowntownMountClemens page, and in its www.twitter.com/MountClemensDDA feed.

For more information regarding the Mount Clemens Cash Mob or any other activities, please call Arthur Mullen, DDA Director at (586) 469-4168.

About the Mount Clemens Downtown Development Authority

The Mount Clemens DDA was established in April 1983 by the City of Mount Clemens to revitalize the central business district.  Through various activities, the DDA works to strengthen the economy and vitality of the downtown core.  A lively downtown increases property values throughout the city while improving the quality of life for all residents.  To accomplish this task, the DDA is engaged in a variety of development projects while producing and/or sponsoring over 25 events annually Downtown.  www.DowntownMountClemens.com

Regular ICMD? History lessons?

Well, the first International Cash Mob Day was kind of ridiculously sweet.  We’ll probably never know how many mobs occurred on that day, or how much money was focused into local businesses in our communities, but I can tell you that the site stats went THROUGH THE ROOF and searching Google News turned up TONS of articles.  In thinking about moving and evolving, I had the idea that perhaps we should schedule a regular International Cash Mob Day every month.  It could be the third Saturday, say, and mob organizers could choose to schedule their mobs on that day or another day.  I think it would help pace mobs and lead to a sense of camaraderie across Cash Mobs.  What do you think?

Second, I’m meeting with someone on Saturday who is deeply interested in Cleveland history.  He wants to see about combining Cash Mobs with some sort of discussion of the history of the neighborhood where we’re mobbing.  We did this at our second Cash Mob, where an historian came to tell us about the history of Ohio City; has anyone else had an educational component of their Cash Mob and, if so, how did it go?

Keep doing good, and remember: you’re responsible for your community!


Brooklyn Pics

Some pics from Brooklyn’s Cash Mob, organized by Amy Cortese, author of Locavesting (and Brooklyn Cash Mob organizer)!

Dispatch from Austria

I could use Google Translate on this, but I’d prefer to just imagine that this says, “Cash Mobs is the hottest new thing in Austria.”  Great job, Wien!

Sydney, Australia

Lovely pic of some mobsters from down under.  🙂

A week’s worth of business by 5 p.m.

Yesterday the Boston Globe had a piece on the Malden Cash Mob.  They gave a Cannoli shop a week’s worth of business by 5 p.m.  Great job, Malden!!!