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Regular ICMD? History lessons?


Well, the first International Cash Mob Day was kind of ridiculously sweet.  We’ll probably never know how many mobs occurred on that day, or how much money was focused into local businesses in our communities, but I can tell you that the site stats went THROUGH THE ROOF and searching Google News turned up TONS of articles.  In thinking about moving and evolving, I had the idea that perhaps we should schedule a regular International Cash Mob Day every month.  It could be the third Saturday, say, and mob organizers could choose to schedule their mobs on that day or another day.  I think it would help pace mobs and lead to a sense of camaraderie across Cash Mobs.  What do you think?

Second, I’m meeting with someone on Saturday who is deeply interested in Cleveland history.  He wants to see about combining Cash Mobs with some sort of discussion of the history of the neighborhood where we’re mobbing.  We did this at our second Cash Mob, where an historian came to tell us about the history of Ohio City; has anyone else had an educational component of their Cash Mob and, if so, how did it go?

Keep doing good, and remember: you’re responsible for your community!




  1. a regular International Cash Mob Day every month is a great idea! count Cash Mob Milano in!

  2. sumayahlaura says:

    Hey Andrew! Great idea, I’m meeting with some people to set up a cash mob on the east end of Long Island and would love any input or support the community can offer as we get our cash mob group off the ground.

  3. Darik Eaton says:

    CMSeattle is in. I completely agree. And my long term goal for our city is to even split up our efforts and have micro level CashMobs in neighborhoods within Seattle. I think having it be a regular thing would be amazing. The one thing it may loose with time, is our ability to get news coverage if it is a regular thing?

  4. Terri Hall says:

    Bellport Cash Mob can certainly see how this could bring solidarity, support, promotion and encouragement to all cash mobs. Learning of the ideas and stories of other cash mobs around the world is helpful as we move forward!

  5. tony says:

    I think cash mobs are a great idea and a monthly one would be fantastic. i think the ability to tie into other cm across the country and market it locally as a national movement would be excellent. please do it monthly and at the least bi-monthly maybe even quarterly.

  6. cmfayar says:

    While we are committed to doing monthly cash mobs, I have a bit of concern on having the ‘set date’. My community has many festivals and events that would create conflict with pulling effective crowds for a Cash Mob.

    I would not dream of attempting to have one on the weekend of our annual Block Street Party, Bikes, Blues & BBQ weekend or University of Arkansas home football game weekends.

    I am sure there are other communities that would have times that would conflict as well…

    Just some thoughts.

    Sally Baker Williams
    Cash Mob Fayetteville, AR

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