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Quiet time


It has been a bit of a quiet time in the last two weeks, which is strange after the mad rush of International Cash Mob Day.  Cleveland has had another mob since, organized by the Lakewood group, and I’m planning on getting one together in the next 2-3 weeks with a twist – more cultural history about the area.

Part of the magic of International was that people across the country and around the world were all focused on their own communities, but we were united in supporting each other.  That sort of feeling must continue.  I think we’ll have our next International Cash Mob Day in late May, and then hold them monthly thereafter.  Any comments would be welcome!

It has been a pretty incredible trip so far, and we’re resting up right now/consolidating our energy.  Lets see what happens next, shall we?



  1. We are going to holding ours monthly here in Vegas, with possibly some additional ones that are not of a locally owned store, but perhaps a charity, volunteer opportunity, or cultural (look.listen) opportunity. I see a lot of comraderie between cities, with the desire to see each one succeed. We are tweeting each other’s tweets, sharing each other’s news stories. I think the feeling is there, maybe just consider it the “seven minute lull”. Good luck everyone. Our next mob here in Las Vegas is April 21st, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE http://www.twitter.com/cmlasvegasnv

  2. Nashville, Georgia located in south, south GA. is hosting a Cash Mob on Thursday, May 3rd. It will be hosted downtown and everyone is invited to meet at the Downtown Fountain at Connie’s Childrens Park at 7:00. There the announcement will be made as to which store will be mobbed! The high school band will ead us over to the chosen business along with the police escort! There wil be live music in the park and lots of prizes will be given away to participants! Thanks for your support!

  3. We’ve been doing Cash Mobs here since mid-January — our fourth is this Saturday!! Getting lots of positive feedback and lots of support from the community. This is awesome!!

  4. Terri Hall says:

    Long Island, NY is alive and well! Two new Cash Mobs have popped up this week:
    1. East Quogue will be Cash Mobbing this Saturday @ 3:45 pm. They are aiming for 200 people to Cash Mob downtown.
    2. East End Cash Mob just announced their 1st Cash Mob for 5/6 in Sag Harbor.

    Bellport Cash Mob has our 4th Cash Mob scheduled for 5/5 @ 5; a celebratory twist with music, food and community spirit. It’s our early welcome to the summer season.

    BCM will certainly support monthly ICM day, but we will have to branch out into neighboring communities, igniting the spark to keep moving forward.

    A couple of ideas: Cash Mob new businesses as they open, perhaps at their ribbon cutting to show our support and thanks for bringing their business to our community. Also, since we have many seasonal residents, as seasonal businesses open, cash mobbing them as a “welcome back.”

  5. Chris Rowe says:

    I’ve only just found out about Cash Mobs. What a brilliant idea! But it doesn’t seem to have any presence in the UK, which is a great shame. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi, Central Westmoreland County, PA here and I have posted on LinkedIn to find Interest in the North Huntingdon and Jeannette, PA areas. I will keep the forum posted.

  7. cmfayar says:

    Fayetteville, Arkansas Cash Mob is still going strong. We are doing monthly events and have one coming up this Saturday, the 28th. We have been gathering community input and have a schedule set of dates/places for the next few months and look forward to continuing to grow.

    Sally Baker Williams
    Cash Mob Fayetteville, AR

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