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Charging for Cash Mobs

I just received an email from one of our favorite organizers in Oregon. She spoke with a friend who owns a business in a neighboring town. The store owner said that an individual promoter had come to them about organizing a Cash Mob. He offered this for a price as part of a promotional/marketing package. You can guess the rest – the mob was “postponed” indefinitely and has yet to take place.

Cash mobs are not designed for the organizers to earn money. Organizers do it for the love of their communities and the positive changes that they want to see. If you own a store and someone approaches you about organizing a cash mob in exchange for pay, do NOT agree!!! Get their contact information and let us know about it.

We are getting information about this instance in Oregon and will let you know if anything can be done. Meanwhile, hopefully this person is stopped, and perhaps the business should receive a mob to help them recover the money they were cheated of?