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I just got an email from the son of a small business owner who wants to organize a Cash Mob to help his father’s business.  He wanted to know if I thought it would be in poor taste for him to do so.  I know my own opinion, but I wanted to get other Mobber opinions: do you think this would be acceptable or would it be a bad idea?



  1. Why would it be in poor taste? As a business owner I would always welcome more business, no matter who helped

  2. Dani B says:

    I think it is a swell idea, and totally acceptable and I trust that this son, who has already understands the benefits that it would bring for his father’s business, will continue this work and will reach out further and deeper into his community. That’s just me and my thoughts off the cuff. twitter.com/cmlasvegasnv

  3. Shelby Strange says:

    What a great idea!

  4. nancy agacinski says:

    I think it’s a wonderful idea! go for it! Kindness starts at home… and then runneth over!

  5. Josh says:

    It is a little forward for the son of the owner to ask, and I sense that you have some reservations about free marketing for the owner (why else would you post this question). However, you shouldn’t punish a business if the son makes a request.

    I would do it if and only if:
    a. You are willing and able doing so.
    b. It is a business that adds value to your life and to the community.

  6. Great idea. The son is thoughtful enough to care about the well-being of his father and his business and courageous enough to actually try to do something to help it. Whether it does or doesn’t affect the son directly is irrelevant, I’m guessing that’s the root of the debate? Help is needed for a local business, and I don’t think it should matter who the help request comes from. Go for it!

  7. Wow *facepalm* I just caught on what the actual question meant… Yay me.

    From the son’s perspective, I don’t think it will be in poor taste at all. Egos should be put aside in these types of situations. If he is concerned that his father will be offended, even if he is, at the end of the day I’m sure he will get over it when he realizes he can still put food on the table, continue to open the business the next day, and with less stress than the day before. Unless the father is unbelievably old-school, I foresee a corny scene with plenty of hugs and grown men crying. Also, balloons and confetti.

    If there are genuine concerns, my suggestion would be for him to consult one or two people close to his father and see their thoughts on the matter. From a perfect stranger however, I say… Go for it!

  8. I think it is a great idea to help his family. We all could use some help.

  9. Quan says:

    How do we determine whether or not a business “deserves” to be cash mobbed? I guess that’s the real question. What are everyone’s thoughts?

  10. Mel says:

    GO FOR IT!!! Who are we to say no to helping a family member out!

  11. Is he wanting to organize it, or is he asking you to do it? That would be my first question. The second would be does it meet the basic criteria. Of course, anyone that wishes to can organize a cash mob, correct? 🙂

    My group took off and grew at a crazy rate on FB and interest within the community has been high. Within hours of launching the FB page I was inundated with requests from local businesses and artist collectives basically saying ‘pick me, pick me.’

    My concern is making this a viable project for months to come, so I reached out to 8 people within my community that are local business oriented, but do not own or have family members that own local businesses and asked them to be on our selection committee. We will be taking recommendations from the community and then making the selections from that. In May we will have a booth at a local street fair in one of our lovely little business districts. We are considering selecting a local charity as the beneficiary and then letting people ‘buy’ votes for the June Mob site.

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