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Happy National Cash Mob Day 2013


Happy national cash mob day!

Today won’t be as big of an event as last year, but we want to start the tradition of hosting an annual cash my bank to encourage people to shop mom-and-pop businesses and to bring communities together to organize cash mobs in order to bring awareness about the importance of shopping local.

A tough economy for retail businesses over the past few years has taken its toll on mom-and-pop businesses. Mom-and-Pop stores all over our nation are shutting down, unable to compete with the large chain stores and struggling economy.

It takes a community to keep a store in business and more than ever we need to pull together as a community to ensure that future generations of people will be able to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

At the heart of every mom and pop business is a person with a dream, and few things are sadder than realizing your life will fall short of your dreams. Each of us can make a big difference to a mom and pop business and help an entrepreneur’s dream come true.

If you’re hosting a mob today, please post your comments and let us know how your event was. If you’re documenting the event with photos or videos, please share those as well

I hope everyone has it successful mob today!



  1. Burton Kelso says:

    The weather was crummy today in the metro area, but we have a small but strong turnout for our cash mob. I’m curious to know how other mob events went today.

  2. We had a cash mob in Cincinnati. We mobbed a coffee shop and had people write why they loved supporting small businesses on a notebook and took pictures of them with their quotes. It was a great time!

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