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Things you can do to make National Cash Mob Day 2013 a success!


National Cash Mob Day is this Saturday, April 27, 2013. Most of you have already picked out the business to be ‘mobbed’ and have your events schedule, but there are some additional things you can do to make it a big success.

1. Spread the word to your local media.  Contact newspaper and television stations in your area to share this event.  One of the things that has helped us at the Kansas City Metro Area Cash Mob was to connect with news personalities on Facebook and LinkedIn. For several Cash Mob related events, the media contacted us rather than us reaching out to them.

2.  Get the ‘target’ of the Cash Mob to share the event with their friends and fans and make sure they are promoting it too.  These are the people who will form the foundation of your ‘mob’ Customers and fans of the business are already in love with the brand and want to see the brand succeed.  They will be your most important ‘voice’ in spread the word about this event.  If you get a viral reach with the people who are in love with the business, you are almost guaranteed a successful mob.

3. Get people to volunteer to document the event.  Taking photos and video are essential to a Cash Mob because it helps promote the event and gives the mom and pop business much needed exposure.  Turn to companies that specialize in photography and video and let them ‘watermark’ any photos or videos that they take for your event.

Let’s make this event a big success!

For information about the KC Cash Mob, visit our Facebook page by searching “Kansas City Metro Area Cash Mob”, following us on Twitter at @cmkansascity or contact one of our volunteers below:
Burton Kelso: burton@integralcomputerconsultants.com or (888) 256-0829
Kelly Dobyns Ziegler: kziegler@ziggyfranz.com or 913.209.9967




  1. Is anyone documenting how many cash mobs are taking place that day? We had to do ours on Thurs instead of Saturday. Just couldn’t get it to work out on the actual day. Super excited though!

  2. Pam Jay says:

    Do you already have a date set up for next year national day? We plan our dates far in advance

    Thank you.

    Pam Jay Downtown Wake Forest, NC Cash Mob pjay@nc.rr.com 919-623-4901

    • Burton Kelso says:

      We want to host two national events annually. National Cash Mob Day on the last Saturday of April and Small Business Saturday Cash Mob. National Mom and Pop Business Day is March 29 and we might try a national push that day as well.

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