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National Cash Mob Day 2013 is April 27, 2013


The Kansas City Metro Area Cash Mob has declared Saturday, April 27th, 2013 National Cash Mob Day.  We are inviting organized Cash Mobs across the county to take part in a Cash Mob, on a National scale.  We want to turn this into an annual event!

The Cash Mob movement has slowed down a little and even disappeared in many areas, but the need for people to come together and rally support for mom and pop business still exists.  A tough economy for retail businesses over the past few years has taken its toll on a mom-and-pop businesses.  Mom-and-Pop stores all over our nation are  shutting down, unable to compete with the large chain stores and struggling economy. At the heart of every mom and pop business is a person with a dream, and few things are sadder than realizing your life will fall short of your dreams. Each of us can make a big difference to a mom and pop business and help an entrepreneur’s dream come true.

We want this event  to serve as a reminder to people everywhere about the importance of shopping local and to help our mom and pop businesses survive this tough economy. Join us and organize a mob in your community for that day. It can be an all day event or more like a Flash Mob If you haven’t planned a mob in your community for a while, try to get one together for National Cash Mob Day!

Towns across the nation have seen cash mobs pop up in their communities. Businesses have welcomed Cash Mobs with open arms as they see an increase in sales during a cash mob day. While all Cash Mobs vary in size, the goal is simple; Shop and support our mom and pop businesses rather than national chains and give them more exposure to the masses. The more people who attend and frequent mom and pop businesses equals greater success in supporting our local businesses and our communities!

New mob or old, we hope you will join us on Saturday April 27, 2013 and know that other people are doing the same thing as part of this Cash Mob Community to help our mom and pop businesses in this tough economy!

For information about the Kansas City Metro Area Cash Mob, visit the Facebook page by searching “Kansas City Metro Area Cash Mob”, following us on Twitter at @cmkansascity or contact one of our volunteers below:

Burton Kelso: burton@integralcomputerconsultants.com or (888) 256-0829
Kelly Dobyns Ziegler: kziegler@ziggyfranz.com or 913.209.9967



  1. AliceRericha says:

    Cash Mob Norwood (Cincinnati) is having our 14th cash mob on April 27th! I was wondering what happened in March, why we didn’t have national cash mob day one year from the last. I guess I should have not waited for someone else to take the lead. hahah. THANK YOU Kansas City Metro Area Cash Mob for taking the lead on this!!!!

    • Burton Kelso says:

      You’re welcome! It’s time to get a national push again. Many Cash Mobs across the country have come and gone. We would like to stay in contact with all of the Cash Mob groups Nationally (and Internationally). Together we can all make a difference.

  2. Peter Comrie says:

    We just had our very first CashMob in the Okanagan Valley B.C. and it was a massive success. We’re happy to support a National Cash Mob Day.

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