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I’m not sure who this should be addressed to – critics, organizers or attendees, or maybe everyone.  But here goes.  

Something skeptical people sometimes say is, “You can’t fix the economy.”  That’s entirely true.  I can’t fix the economy, and you can’t fix the economy, and your mayor can’t fix the economy.  President Obama can’t; President Hollande can’t; Prime Minister Cameron can’t; President Hu Jintao can’t.  

But what we can do is our part.  When I lived in Cardiff, the Tesco I went to had a big sign that said, “Every little counts.”  I was always confused by it until my dear friend Patrick explained that it meant, “every little bit counts.”  He thought it was a relic of one of the Wars, and was being used to solicit donations for Tesco charities.  But if you think about it, every little bit counts, and everything we do counts, and maybe we can’t solve everything, but we can solve what is in our power to solve and help the people and causes that are in our power to help, and as we improve our community businesses, our communities will improve, too.  

This Saturday, we’re having a Cash Mob at Cleveland’s West Side Market.  Just over 2,800 people have RSVP’d, and we got permission to use another parking lot to accommodate the mobbers.  The reason: the market was closed after a stall caught fire, and all of the vendors lost out on weeks worth of earnings while the market was being cleaned.  The WSM is a hub for the community; if it fell apart, or vendors closed, all of Ohio City would be affected.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a stark example of how important small  businesses are to the area in which they are located.  If you’re around, please stop by and help out.  Do your weekly grocery shopping there.  Just do something.  Do your part.  🙂


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