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Cleveland – #CMWSM


By now you’ve probably heard about the fire that has shut down part of the West Side Market for at least a few weeks. The market is going to have to be cleaned, brick by brick, and the vendors in the main hall have to throw out all of the food that they had for sale. While insurance might reimburse them for the lost merchandise, it usually doesn’t cover the money that they are losing by not being open.

Cash Mobs usually help support businesses that are doing well; we don’t prop up businesses that are struggling. However, this is a unique situation – the businesses aren’t struggling because of a bad business model, they are struggling because of catastrophe. So when we heard about the fire, we immediately decided we had to Cash Mob the West Side Market to help the vendors get back on their feet. Ohio City Incorporated jumped on immediately, and we started planning.

We’re tentatively planning for March 2, 2013; we still don’t know when the Market is going to open again. However, whenever it does, we’re going to Cash Mob it on the first Saturday we can. The rules are simple: show up with $20 to spend, talk to three people you didn’t know before, and have fun. We’re working on getting something together to thank mobbers – maybe coffee and cookies or something – and we will post details as we get them.

Last time we mobbed a market, 300 people put $9,000 into Nature’s Bin.  Let’s see if we can beat that.  Save the date and tell your friends and lets make this the best Cash Mob of all time to support the best market in America!

(Facebook invitation here.)



  1. suzischwartz says:

    OMG That is awesome Andrew we in Vacaville are trying to support small business that give back also. I hope Iwe can get the kind of momentum that you got with 300 mobbers. I LOVE the idea to help those struggling because of that major hardship I think it’s a great idea!

  2. […]  Ohio City Incorporated wants to give the vendors a much-needed boost.  They’re planning a “Cash Mob” event tentatively for Saturday, March 2, or the first Saturday after the market […]

  3. Eric Bonk says:

    All of the Vendors of the West Side Market in Cleveland Need Our Help. If, You Can Plan your Weekly Shopping for Fruit & Veg. + Fish, Meats and Dairy at the Market March 2, 2013. Bring Your Coolers and Ice and Stock-Up. These Folks need a lot of Help, The City of Cleveland still wants Full Rent Payments, for Stands that could not be used, and Even the Fruit and Veg. Guys are Hurting. My very good friends at DeCaro’s Veg. have only made $12 a day since the Fire. I plan on spending $300+ that Saturday to Help out Old Friends and New ones. Join Me in doing the Bulk of your Shopping for the Week at the Westside Market. Time to Fill the Fridge and Deep Freeze with Good Stuff at the Market.

  4. TJ says:

    A few weeks back i suggested on FB, to see if RTA would join in since the Parking is Limited at the West Market. With the Rapid Station across the street Why couldn’t RTA give FREE rides back to where everyone parked (at the out Stations)for Free using the Receipt from the Market as the Pass back.

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