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One Year of Mobs


Well then.

We held our first Cash Mob just over a year ago at Visible Voice Books.  One year later, I think it’s safe to say that Cash Mobs is a global phenomenon.  We’ve been getting a ton of attention from the UK, Germany and Australia over the last few weeks as people over there are catching on; Spain is emerging rapidly (who knows, maybe these will help fuel their recovery?); and the US is still going strong, with tons of mobs being planned for the holiday season.

If anything, this has shown us that it is the individuals in each community that are going to help bring about the revival of their communities.  It’s not going to come from outside, and anyone who tries to tell you that it will is selling snake oil.  One year later, it is still up to YOU to take responsibility for your community.  Each person has a part to play in the vibrancy and vitality of their neighborhoods.  If you’ve organized or participated in a Cash Mob, you know just how true that is.

To all of you who HAVE organized or participated in a Cash Mob, thank you.  You’re part of the solution, and together we’re going to make a difference – because when we each do a little, we all do a lot.


Cash Mobs



  1. susanchwartz says:

    This is awesome and oh so true! Thanks so much for putting this amazing idea in my head! We have had three cash mobs so far and am going to keep doing it I expect to get more momentum as time goes on!

  2. Hawaii has had great Cash Mob events and I’d love to share. The info is on our Facebook page but I’d love to post a picture and comments here as well. Just not sure how to go about doing that. Advice?

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