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Updates, updates


So it feels like the hot days of summer have descended and things are taking a temporary breather.  Up here in Cleveland we’ve had a few cash mobs in the last few weeks, all of them pretty successful (45-60 people), and another smaller one coming up this Saturday.  We had a great Lunch Mob last week, which got new media attention and brought in $900 for the Flying Fig, but even with the new blood and new ideas, things still feel so…


Perhaps it is the heat.

It’s also time to work on innovations.  I suspect that in the next month or two we’ll see some mobs at ice cream/frozen custard shops.  What else might be weather appropriate?  Farmers Markets?

Also, we have a TON of stuff in the works behind the scenes which has taken up an amazing amount of time.  It is rewarding and educational and is why I’m up past midnight all the days, and not working out as much as I should be, and eating casseroles and lasagnas and things that are easy to make.  We’re going to have some stuff moving out soon, and fast, and it’s going to be fun!!!



  1. suziwine says:

    Thanks for all your help and input! We are going to do our second one in August! The first one was at a local book store we feel our momentum will just get better and better. We thought that one every two months 6 weeks would be good!

  2. SG says:

    How about public pools? The local park & rec depts could use the dough.

  3. Celeste says:

    How about KoKo’s Bakery?

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