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Middleborough, Massachusetts


From Middleborough, Massachusetts:

Just thought you would like to know what a success our Mob was on Friday. The Main Drag, a new hole in wall sandwich shop in downtown Middleborough Massachusetts had about 50 new customers, not to mention overflow on the days preceding and following. With only 100-odd people in our FB group, I was hoping for 10-15. Seems that word of mouth spread very far beyond the group.

In addition to tasty sandwiches from the mobbed business, a local accounting firm sent over a bucket plastered with Cash Mob logo stickers and business cards and filled with truffles and other candies  as a way to say thank you to the community for supporting local businesses and to get a little of their own marketing bang from the mob.

Says the owner:

“To all the cash mobsters and then some who came out to support my shop last Friday, thank you, thank you so much. I hope everyone was happy with their order and will return again. This is so great for the local shop owners. I had a blast, and was very tired at the end of the day. Thanks again………The Main Drag”

Keep up the good work!




  1. Ree Donnelly says:

    Yay!! We did a good job!!!

  2. suziwine says:

    AWESOME, I hope ours does as well! Thanks for sharing!

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