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Nature’s Bin – Cash Mobee Perspective


An email I just received that describes what it is like to be mobbed:

Being selected as a cash mob location was an priceless opportunity for Cornucopia, Inc., the non-profit that runs Nature’s Bin in Lakewood.  Not only did we have sales in the range of $9,000 during the cash mob, the publicity for our store and our mission to help people with disabilities gain skills and develop workplace potential was invaluable.  The event had a playoff game feel and did it ever deliver with big game excitement and heroics.   It not only was a way to showcase our store and the organization to the “mob” itself, but the rest of the community through various media outlets.  The cash mob also provided a rallying point for the staff and board members.  With a recent national competitor coming into town, our focus had been on being reactive rather than proactive.  The cash mob made us all once again realize that we have a great story to tell, which anyone can relate to, and that it is our story that separates us from the competition.    The cash mob allowed us to tell our story at a whole new level and to an entirely new audience.   The cash mob will go down in history as one of our biggest events and far exceeded any of our expectations.

Anthony Rospert

Board Member

Cornucopia Inc./Nature’s Bin

We’d love to feature more of these stories.  Email us if you own a store that was mobbed and let us know what happened!



  1. Shift Local says:

    We had a nice turnout of 74 mobsters at Gala Bakery in San Lorenzo, CA. Check out some pictures http://shiftlocal.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/more-pictures-from-cash-mob-at-gala-bakery/

  2. […] time we mobbed a market, 300 people put $9,000 into Nature’s Bin.  Let’s see if we can beat that.  Save the date and tell your friends and lets make this […]

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