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Today’s the Day


Well folks, today’s the day – International Cash Mobs Day!!!  Words on a blog can’t express the excitement and gratitude that we’re feeling for everyone who is organizing or joining a mob today.  If there’s a mob near you, we hope you’ll join it; if not, we hope you will start a one-person or two-people mini mob, which would probably be really fun.  Either way, the rules for today are the same:

  1. Spend $20 at a local store;
  2. Meet three new people;
  3. HAVE FUN!!!

Have a great International Cash Mobs Day everyone!!!



  1. cashmobec says:

    Wake up! It’s National Cash Mob Day everybody! Get out and shop local today.

    I think I might start with a coffee and scone from The Coffee Grounds as I prep for my interview with WEAU TV 13 then head downtown to Volume One’s local store before hitting a mystery business as part of National Cash Mob Day (Menomonie) and hurry back to Eau Claire for National Cash Mob Day (Eau Claire, WI) which will include some magnificent shopping and a hot dog at Samboney’s then a proper Irish beer at Clancy’s.

    Whew! What a National Cash Mob Day it will be!

  2. We had a great turn out in our community. 45 people showed up, many of whom spent far more than $20 and helped a independent small business Know as Goodie Gumdrops Toys. They are a real independent toy store and we are lucky to have them in Burien, WA.

    What a great event. Can’t wait to plan the next one!

  3. Joan Redeen says:

    Great Falls Montana was proud to hold the first Cash Mob in the state today – in celebration of National Cash Mob day! http://www.krtv.com/news/montana-s-first-cash-mob-charges-downtown-great-falls-business/

  4. Terri Hall says:

    WOW! Can you believe what a terrific day it was around the world?!?! It’s 4 am post-International Cash Mob Day and I can’t stop scrolling through all the Cash Mob photos posted on FaceBook! We brought hope, excitement and promise to Main Streets around the world!

    Bellport, NY…our little Village on the south shore of Long Island did the movement PROUD! About 60 people shopped, ate, sang (that may be on the MSNBC spot too!) and made a difference on Main Street. New Cash Mobbers were recruited…they are not ready to stop any time soon. We will MOB ON!

    Watch for us (and Cleveland, OH) on MSNBC’s Your Business!

  5. We had a great International Cash Mob Day! Approx. 80 people attended the announced meeting time and mobbed our chosen business. Afterwards, I posted on Facebook and Twitter the business being mobbed and others stopped in throughout the day as their schedules allowed. Thanks for the continued support! This event not only gives the local economy a shot in the arm but is contributing to our sense of community and helping our little town regain its pride. We have been passing out ‘I Like Lompoc’ buttons at each Mob event asking everyone to wear them daily. They are becoming highly coveted which is a great thing to see! Thank you again!

  6. Phil G says:

    I think the whole concept of a cash mob is ridiculously awesome. There seems so many fronts where this is a beneficial movement. I am a self employed truck driver and cross the country only to see the same corporate megalochains in the largest cities to the smallest isolated towns in Montana or Wyoming, etc.
    I’m not on Facebook or Twitter but would do it just to get involved in this ‘revolt’ against chain takeover and to support the mom and pop places still holding their ground.
    I live in Jacksonville Florida, which is a large city, but no movement! Who wants to help me get started?!!

  7. Greg Flores says:

    We had a great turn out at our first Cash Mob on the 24th. About 45 people showed up to the event as we mobbed two small businesses side by side. Here is the link to the pictures on Facebook.


    Also the article in today’s local paper about the event.


  8. Katie O'Malley Redman says:

    I heard your interview on NPR this morning as I was driving my son Atticus to preschool. I was so thrilled and proud to hear about the work you are doing with your words. I still have my copy of A Prayer for Owen Meany.
    Best Wishes,
    Katie O’Malley Redman

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