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Stickers in Brookline, MA


We just got this in the mail.  It includes an interesting way of tracking Mobbers:

Hi Mob boss,

We love your concept of cash mobs and are thrilled to be doing out first “cash mob” in conjunction with the National Cash Mob day on March 24th.

We have taken your idea and made it into a hybrid cash mob.  We are fortunate to have 7 distinct business districts in our town of 58,000 people and have chosen to do the cash mob in our St. Mary’s business district which has had to endure some necessary infrastructure construction which resulted in a drop-off of sales activity for many of the merchants in that area.  So we are hosting the cash mob in this area and are printing up stickers for people to wear so that they can be identified as cash mobbers to create a sense of community and solidarity with each other.

We’d love to be included on your list of nationwide cash mobbers.  And while not a surprise event, we are a small enough area that we hope to really drive traffic to this business district that faced a downturn because of the construction.  Love to get any feedback or your thoughts – thanks!



Celinda C. Shannon
Office Manager / Website Administrator

Brookline Chamber of Commerce

Check out the sticker they’re using!



  1. We are printing stickers, too! We want people around town to know what’s going on– and we want the store owner to know just how many of their customers that day were there because of the cash mob!

  2. Renee says:

    great idea – we printed up stickers for our first mobbing and will do so for each event in the future. I think it is a good way to open up conversations about the group with those who just happen to be passing by or shopping at the store. I also printed up business cards to hand out to store owners and random people I meet while out and about.

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