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Ciao, Italia!


Ciao, Italia! Mi dispiace che non abbiamo una presenza più robusta italiano, ma grazie per aver visitato la nostra pagina. Inoltre, mi piacerebbe parlare con nessuno là – forse i miei vecchi amici Tarsia Trevisan, Fernando Daniele e Roberto Righi – di iniziare alcuni Mobs “Cash” in Italia. Qualcuno di voi sia interessato ad aiutare?



  1. Monica Bianchi says:

    Hi, Andrew! I read about the mobs you organised in the U.S. and I was astonished; I live in Milan and in the past two weeks a group of friends and I have been trying to find ideas to help our neighborhood bookshop. He is thinking of closing the shop because of the global financial crisis first of all, and also because of a big chain bookstore nearby that can afford to discount books much more than he can.
    So far, the first thing we did has been making clear to Luca (the bookstore holder) that we all support him; he now decided to postpone the closure and started talking to local press ad a few newspapers and radios spoke about him. We are all looking for a new and bigger (but cheaper!) shop where he might be able to organize events, book presentations and so on. Many of us bought pre-paid cards and a concert is being organized, too.
    We are really beginning now and the idea of a cash-mob (maybe the first one in Italy!) sounds great (I already shared it with a few of us).
    It would be great if you could tell us directly about your experience and give some suggestions. We will be more than happy to keep you informed and start a net of cash mobbers between us.
    Thank you very much for now.

    Monica Bianchi
    Milan, Italy

    • Andrew Samtoy says:

      Check out the blog and let me know if you have any questions. Let me know when you have a Twitter and Facebook account set up and we’ll go from there! Maybe @CMMilan?

  2. I now live in HK, but am genuinely italian and would love to help!

  3. I’m Italian and I visited your website because of the article on today’s news website. It would be interesting to start some cash mobs as we have many “historical” shops here in Italy, many struggling with rising costs (rent) and huge competition by multinational companies.

  4. Luca says:

    @Monica Bianchi and everyone else > I’m setting something up in Milano…want to join me?


    • Monica Bianchi says:

      Ciao Luca, fammi sapere cosa stai organizzando. Sarebbe carino scambiarci delle idee

    • nico says:

      Ciao Luca e Monica, vorrei scrivere un articolo sui cash mob. E mi piacerebbe saperne di più su iniziative in programma in italia. potreste contattarmi all’indirizzo nicobruno[at]gmail.com

  5. Valentina says:

    Hello Andrew!!! Hello everyone!!!
    It’s Valentina (from Milan, Ohio 😛 so you forget that… I’m purely italian?? ^_^) !!
    I would love to get involved and organize something!!
    I really admire your initiative!!
    Missing Ohio!

  6. Marco Lotito says:

    sto impostando una mappa per cashmobbers utilizzando la crowdmap di Ushahidi. Sto provando a capire come funziona per una idea che gira intorno al nostro gruppo d’acquisto ma se vi va.. l’unione fa la forza 🙂

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