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National Cash Mob Day Logo


You may know Eric Miller of Kent, Ohio because of the awesome pictures he took of the Kent Cash Mob that then graced the pages of, oh, the NEW YORK TIMES and LE MONDE; those Kentians made up the pictures of Cash Mobbers waving $20 bills and for that we’ll always be grateful.  Well, he created a logo for National Cash Mob Day and suggested that we disseminate it to everyone for use in any media or fliers that might come up.  Without further ado:



  1. kirk says:

    Just want to make sure its ok to use this symbol? No copyright problems or anything correct? I want to put it on my facebook twitter and print a few for around town. Thanks for letting me know.

    Visit our facebook cashmob page at hollandcashmob

  2. Cash Mob Joliet says:

    Done! Awesome!!!!

  3. I want to make this my “cover photo” for the Muskegon Cash Mobs facebook timeline, but I can’t get it to fit just right. I’m horrible with graphics stuff. Could Kevin or someone make one sized perfectly for facebook timelines cover pictures? I would GREATLY appreciate it if it’s not too much work.

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