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A few thoughts


1) We have just a few weeks until National Cash Mob Day on 3/24.  It has been inspiring to see so many people in each community deciding to take up this idea and start a Cash Mob to support their local businesses.  Hopefully we’ll have some fun and exciting news for you coming up, so stay tuned!

2) We’re looking to get a map up on the blog so that people can look for cash mobs happening near them – you know, organizers could put in a location and people could search online to see where the closest mob is, or just click on states/cities to browse and network.  If anyone knows how to do this please let me know!

3) THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!  We couldn’t do it without you.  If you’re an organizer and you have any thoughts to share, or you have pictures or a summary of a mob, please send me an email and let me know!



  1. Holly Weaver - Cash Mob Greensboro NC says:

    I’ve used Batch Geo for maps in the past… and its pretty easy to load info in from an excel sheet. Not sure how it could work if you wanted people to be able to add information on their own. Might be worth checking out! http://batchgeo.com/

  2. Dani B says:

    Did this get started yet? What about googlemaps, where you log-on and pin your location?

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