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A Great Experiment


One of the things about Cash Mobs is that every one is different, and the organizers each put their own particular spin on things.  Experimentation and learning are a critical part of this whole adventure.  Sometimes it works out great – for example, Chagrin Falls announced their target in advance and got 200 people to show up.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out – another organizer tried to get a mob to meet at 2 p.m. on a Friday afternoon when lots of people were working and it didn’t go so well.

Next Tuesday, Cleveland is going to be trying a “Cultural Cash Mob” out.  Understanding that the Creative Class can have an extremely positive impact on our communities and economy, and that they need our support to continue to be creative, we are going to go to a show featuring local performers; we’ve negotiated it so that $20 gets each mobber admission and three drinks.  (If you’re under 21 you get admission and some swag.)  The details are here; we’ll let you know how this variation goes when we’re done!

Also, for everyone else, what variations have YOU tried, and what went well/should be avoided in the future?



  1. cashmobec says:

    The Eau Claire, WI Cash Mob has yet to have it’s inaugural event but I am already pondering a Cash Crawl.

    After launching CashMobEC this week the owner of a local bus company offered to provide transportation to and from events and anywhere else afterwards. Why not use this to spread the support to multiple local businesses while you already have the people together. May need to lower the suggested spending at each location or choose businesses that have lower cost items like a coffee/book shop in need.

    The way I see it the more people that we can get to step into a new business for the first time will help spread word of mouth for those businesses and hopefully create valuable customers.

  2. I’ll be very interested in hearing how this goes, Andrew. Our city has a very strong arts community, but the group that did our First Thursday Art Walks had to disband recently when they lost the lease on their collaborative studio space. While there is talk of getting it going again, right now it has left a void.

    To help fill that gap I’ve been toying with the idea of Art Mobs at some of our local art venues…can’t wait to see what you guys do.

  3. Nancy Grupp says:

    We are having our first Cash Mob here in Coudersport Pa, on March 22nd! We are very excited about the event, and have a great local business we hope to give a boost to! Our cash mob is being sponsored by our local Chamber of Commerce, and we hope its the first of many!!! WE rely on the local merchants to keep the town going, and are really looking for a success! I will keep you posted!

  4. We are having our first Scranton Cash Mob on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 11 am and I am so excited! I started a Facebook page exactly one week ago today and have 121 likes so far. The business owner knows and I will post the Mob on Friday at 5pm for the public to know. I am planning on doing one Cash Mob a week. March and April are booked and I have started filling May now. I have heard rumors that the local media will be there too! I am hoping we have a great turnout and that the Facebook page continues to grow! Community supporting local businesses!
    Angela Sheehan
    Scranton, Pa

  5. Terri Hall says:

    Bellport Cash Mob has a 2nd cash mobbing tomorrow evening. Our spin this time is to support a locally owned business AND promote a local food pantry. Purchases can be donated on the spot if mobbers chose to do so…no pressure.

    Also…we are a summer community and have reached out to our summer residents as well as Bellport natives living outside the area for a little long-distance mobbing, sending in $20 to spend on purchases to be donated. Not sure how this will impact the cash mob, but it was a recommendation resulting from the national coverage this cash mob received and the desire of those with ties to our little Village to be a part of history.

    We’ve found increased enthusiasm after the success of our first cash mob and anticipate another successful cash mob. Local media is highly supportive and that helps alot.

    Our 3rd cash mob will be on International Cash Mob day, 3/24, however, we will morph the cash mob a bit to include multiple businesses. We’re still working on just what this will look like but look forward to spinning the enthusiasm and excitement into a nice revitalization of our Village.

    And we hope that it is contagious!

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