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But what can I do about it?


by Marty Mordarski

Many people are concerned about something in their community, city, country…there are very few who actually do anything about it.

As Cash Mobs continue to spread across the country and across the globe, it’s starting to become apparent that it is a relatively easy way for people to do something who may have otherwise felt like they couldn’t make a difference or they just didn’t know where to start.

Again, Cash Mobs aren’t the answer to the question of how to fix a struggling economy, but it could be one of a thousand possible answers to another question.  When people discuss and debate concerns about things like dwindling support for small locally owned businesses, perceptions about unfair competition, challenges of a global economy, or a fear of losing a sense of neighborhood or community, how often are those conversations accompanied by rhetorical questions like, “But what can I do about it?”

“Well, for starters, you could Cash Mob.”

Again, it’s not the answer, but it is an answer.  It can be a great way for someone to start learning about how to make an impact, work with different people, develop leadership skills, and make connections with others who are just as concerned about similar things.  It can open doors to other opportunities while giving people a greater sense of empowerment and confidence that they can do something and they can make a difference.


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