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Message from Lompoc, California


I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your blog about Cash Mobs.  After encountering a link to a news article on our local Facebook page I was intrigued with the idea and began researching the concept in hopes that it would be a positive activity for our community.  I was lucky enough to find your blog and have found it to be great source of information and inspiration.
We held our first Cash Mob last Friday with what I considered to be a great success.  We had almost 50 ‘mobsters’ and the owner of the local business we mobbed was overjoyed with the experience.  Not only was the average purchase above the set minimum of $10 (given the current economic climate in our community we felt this was a better level than the $20 most mobs establish) but some of the participants had never been in the business before despite having lived in the community for 10+ years and the business being established in the community for over 20 years.  Afterwards, those that wished reconvened at a local pizza parlor and we got to know each other a little better.  One couple expressed to me afterward that they made it ‘their date night’ and had a great time.

We are a small community but mighty when we come together.  There is a fierce pride in our city though the reputation with outlying communities perhaps is not the one we would hope for.  With Cash Mob our community made the front page of the Santa Barbara News Press-a publication in a neighboring town that is always considered far superior to ours-with a very positive message.  That in and of itself has made a huge impact on our little town and we are now planning to hold a Cash Mob once a month showcasing locally owned businesses that give back to our community.  As you stated in response to a critical news article about Cash Mobs being a fad, we are not trying to solve the financial issues that our city and business community are facing, but rather to bring the problems into focus and offer some hope in a positive and fun manner.

Thank you again for taking your time to share your thoughts and experiences and being the inspiration behind Lompoc Cash Mob.

Robin Dunaetz
Lompoc Cash Mob


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  1. Okay…. we’re live!

    Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/DowntownTupeloCashMob
    Twitter – https://twitter.com/#!/DTTupeloCM

    I will let yall know when our first Mobbing will take place. THANKS!

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