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Long Island Cash Mob – Recap


by Terri Hall

Bellport, New York

A great idea (Cash Mobs) converged with a great community of people (Bellport Village).  The result?  An infusion of hope and enthusiasm – and money — that our little Village truly needed.

As Mobbers began to gather at the Village Green on Saturday, January 28, 2012, by 5:00 pm it was apparent that our Cash Mob was going to be a success.  The excitement and enthusiasm was palpable.  This is a Village that comes alive in summer, celebrating the season, supporting causes and enjoying the company of neighbors; to see this celebration in the dead of winter is not so common.

Over 100 Mobbers (approximately 5% of the population of our Village, as one resident pointed out) descended with $20 in hand, mobbing a local store, The Variety Mart, to the tune of about $2,800!  The owner of the store, Carolyn Holtz, declared it the best day she has ever had and that the result of the Mob will allow the store to remain open for the remainder of the winter.

The Mob continued to Porters on the Lane, one of our local restaurants, to enjoy special Mob-tails and Mob-tinis.  Mobbers remained throughout the evening continuing the cash infusion.

Reports have been received that the other restaurants and businesses in our little downtown area were quite active, full of Mobbers throughout the evening.

In contrast to the little economic boost the Mob was able to give many local businesses on Saturday, sadly, our beloved Wallen’s — a local family owned grocery store — closed its doors that night after over 50 years of service to our community.  Too late to help this business, our Mob still brought hope to the businesses remaining.

Bellport Cash Mob #2 planning is well underway.  The support and encouragement from residents and media alike will certainly allow us to continue.

As a note to all would-be-CASH MOBBERS…

This Mob started with an email to about 30 friends on January 9th and ended up on January 28th with over 100 Mobbers, and Inside Edition (our MOB to be aired sometime this week) giving a terrific boost to our ailing business district and renewed hope to our community.  So as Dale Carnegie said, “…don’t sit home and think about it.  Go out and get busy.”

For pictures of the Bellport Cash Mob click here.


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