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Store Perspective


Lauren Way asked the staff of one of the San Diego Mob targets for their perspective on what it was like to be mobbed.  The response:

The staff of Bluestocking Books is pleased to have been selected to be ‘Cash Mobbed’. The owner, Kris Nelson, was driven to the verge of tears of happiness about receiving this type of acknowledgement from the community. Not only did Cash Mob inject dollars into the business and the local community, but excitement and energy, too. The love has spread, encouraging our regular supporters to comment on their positive experiences in the store over the years, and their interest in keeping a book shoppe in this location, where one has been for about 50 years (Bluestocking is the third, existing in the location for over 12 years). Bluestocking Books takes great pleasure in being a part of the neighborhood of Hillcrest. We look forward to the future here. We are thankful to Cash Mob for the boost on all levels!


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  1. This is excellent. I’m going to write a blog post about this myself. A great way to support the local community and a fun way to shop!! Bravo!

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