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Where is Cash Mobs going?


A few people have asked us a new question recently: “Where do you see Cash Mobs going?”

What they usually mean is, is this something that is going to continue?  Is it going to evolve and change?  What will it look like in six months or a year?

The answer is, quite simply: we don’t know.

We certainly see this continuing; there’s a lot of momentum behind the Mobs already going.  Los Angeles just doubled the size of its first Cash Mob; Lisa Gilmore has been pushing the idea harder than pretty much anyone, going so far as to hand out fliers and set up booths at farmers markets.  San Diego has had two, both successes; Norman, Oklahoma has had two; Victoria, BC had twelve last month.  We’ve had two in Cleveland, putting about $3,000 into Tremont and Ohio City, and the list of mobs around the world is growing by the day.  The neat thing about having all of these people acting independently and doing things their own way is that it becomes sort of like a Federal system – a whole bunch of people are experimenting, changing rules, and doing things their own way – or not.  They’re learning about what works and, what’s probably as important, what doesn’t work.

What we’re hoping for is that everyone will share their experiences here, on the blog, the good and, more importantly, the bad.  We really, REALLY want to know what you think contributed to the success of your Cash Mobs and what you would do differently in the future.

Let us know, either in the comments or by emailing us something we can put up as a stand-alone post!


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  1. This is a good start – but maybe a more centralized place – a marketplace if you will – to find all Cashmobs throughout the country, with a place for the exact dialogue you are discussing – what’s working, what isnt.

    I am thinking a web service (and mobile) where I would go in and could search New York to see what Mobs are going on. Also some tools to start one myself. Can use foursquare for the store location data, FB and Twitter for the promotion,

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