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We just got this email from Terri Hall in Long Island.  It’s always exciting when someone starts a new Cash Mob somewhere, but something about her energy and enthusiasm really made me smile.  Here’s a woman who is already hustling two jobs to make ends meet, heard about Cash Mobs, and now she’s going to take the initiative and get a mob together to help her community.  THIS is inspiring!  Check out her Facebook invitation and give her some “LOVE”!!!

Just wanted to let you know that we are pulling together a Cash Mob for our struggling little village here on the north shore of Long Island.

My sister-in-law’s store in San Diego was cash mobbed and I am blown away with the idea!!!!  It’s something I just had to do…even though I work 2 jobs and have limited time for organizing.  So far, everyone I have contacted is up for the idea.  I am going to contact a local business this Saturday and go from there.  Everyone loves this idea.  Any suggestions?

Terri Hall




  1. Terri Hall says:

    Thanks so much for the promo! Our list of potential MOBBERS grows by the minute! We have a MOBEE and are scheduled for a 1/28/12 date! So…if you’re in Bellport, NY on Saturday, December 28 @ 5 pm…meet us at the Village Green on the corner of Bellport Lane and Bell Street! We’re mobbing Bellport!!!!

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