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Buy Close to the Source


Here’s a quick story about what might happen if you buy local:

I was at a Bazaar Bizarre craft show two weeks ago and saw a wallet made of sail cloth from Forest City Portage.  I wanted to buy a couple as presents, so I bought the one he had for sale and he said he’d send me another that week.  Five days went by and I didn’t get it.  I emailed him on Saturday to find out if he mailed it, and he emailed back immediately that he would be sending it Monday.  Tuesday (yesterday), I got an envelope with the wallet, as well as an extra one that he just threw in as a sorry/thank you present.  What big-box store would just double an order, even on a small item, because it was a few days late?  I like buying as close to the source as you can, and this just made me a more passionate advocate.  Knowing the people who make the things you use is not only spiritually rewarding – sometimes you have a great customer experience and vow to be a lifelong customer.  Oh, and the wallets are awesome – they are light, thin and feel really durable, with an ID window and a utilitarian design that I love.  I’m extremely impressed with it.

Do YOU have any good stories about buying local?  Send them to us and we’ll post them here!


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