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San Diego: The Recap


by Lauren Way


Wow! Wow! Wow!

What a great time the first San Diego Cash Mob was!

We met up in South Park at the corner of Juniper and Fern. It was chilly and traffic and parking slowed the gathering a bit, so we all shivered and mingled for a bit, waiting for the critical mass to make the announcement of the target. About 30 mobbers showed up, from all over San Diego. Some people were just walking by and asking about the gathering crowd and found us that way!

Once we were assembled, the announcement was made. Our inaugural target was Make Good, a fantastic boutique on Fern that sells the wares of local artists from San Diego and Tijuana. We made our way down the street and MOBBED! Sophia and Jon, the owners, were so appreciative and told us they took in $718 from the mob. Since Tuesdays are usually spent with one employee working on inventory, that seems like quite the success!! A few of us swung by the Whistle Stop, important lesson for next time: really promote the after party!!!

The biggest surprise was the number of press representing! Goodness. KPBS and NBC San Diego had both done stories with us in advance of the mob, so we anticipated them arriving. Fox 5 and CW 6 were a welcomed bonus! It seems many news outlets really appreciate the message of the mob, and support the idea of contributing to our local economy. We’re incredibly appreciative of the support and help getting the word out, and letting San Diego know about Make Good!

South Park seemed like a great destination for our first mob, a community that’s full of small, locally owned businesses and a neighborhood that’s all about remembering the community. They set the tone for what Cash Mob San Diego wants to be.

Now, we’re on to planning our next big adventure. So far, Los Angeles and Long Beach have signed on for a synched mob in January. This movement feels like something significant. What a true joy to be a part.


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  1. Rachel says:

    As a small business owner, this makes my eyes tear up. This is so needed for our economy and for business owners everywhere that there is still good! Large, mass retailers don’t always have to win, have faith, believe in the positive spirit of the human and awesomeness will prevail. Thank you to all that participate, organize and simply support. This is absolutely amazing. Now how do we get Long Beach going?!

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