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Consumerist Hive Mind


The Consumerist Hive Mind has been great in suggesting tweaks to the Cash Mob rules that we put up.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments here and we’ll address them!



  1. Christine says:

    As we’ve been planning cash mobs in Oakland, we’ve wondered if the ‘spend $20 rule’ is a bit imperfect, at least for some businesses. It’s easy to imagine how people could spend $20 at a bookstore, arts & crafts store or music store. But it might be hard to get people to spend that much money at an independent video rental store or candy store, even if those might be really cool places for cash mobs. Also, having occasional $5 or $10 cash mobs might bring in new people that don’t feel like they have enough disposable income to drop $20 in one night.

    Like I said, I think that the $20 limit is great for most mobs, it just might be nice to see the rule be ‘relaxed’ so that mobs could occasionally have lower limits, if need be.

    • Andrew Samtoy says:

      As we wrote at the top of the “Mob Rules,” “Here are the rules we’ve developed for running cash mobs. THESE ARE JUST SUGGESTED RULES!!! Feel free to change them and let us know if your changes are better and why they work. We’re always interested in variations and suggestions!” Let us know how it goes if you lower the amount!

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