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Oh man, did I really forget to post about the next Cleveland Cash Mob in our very own blog?

The next Cleveland Cash Mob will target Ohio City next THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15 at 6:30 p.m.  We’ll be meeting between (LOCALLY OWNED) Market Garden Brewery and the West Side Market. For those so inclined, I’ll be at Market Garden by 5:40 to get some food and a drink; then, at 6:30, we’ll all meet in that alley between the two markets.  The business will be announced; we’ll mob; then we’ll repair to ABC Tavern for an all-night happy hour and some amazing food.

The kicker: the business we’re mobbing is also doing a food drive to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank (it’s just the sort of thing we love about them).  If you bring a can of food, they will give you 10% off of your purchase.  SCHWING.

So save twenty of your holiday dollars and meet us in Ohio City next Thursday!

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And for those so inclined, here are the Happy Hour Specials that we’re getting at ABC tavern:


Black Label
Genny Cream


High Life


Red Stripe
Modelo Especial
Session Red
Session Black
Sweaty Betty


Full Sail IPA
All Well Cocktails


Smutty Nose IPA


New Holland Mad Hatter


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