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Kent Summary


by Angela Barzizza-Young

Thank you so much for the inspiration for the Kent Cash Mob.  We highly enjoyed our event, and we will plan others because it is such an easy way to show some “LOVE.”

Nichole posted a link of the original Cleveland Cash Mob blog onto Facebook.  I took a look at it and excitedly typed, “We could definitely pull this off in Kent.”   Nichole responded immediately, “Let’s do it.”   We were committed!

Once we had learned that Small Business Saturday was only 10 days away, we quickly decided on the date and time, but neither of us could decide how to select a target store or whether we should choose a target store, and open the mob to all of our beloved, local Kent businesses.

We started our Facebook event page and invited almost 300 of our local Facebook friends for deliberation.  The debate continued, and some people recommended a particular local business while others recommended opening the event to all of Kent’s local, downtown businesses.  Others recognized that to create the cash mob punch, we had to choose one business.  Nichole decided that we should list all of the store recommendations discussed on the Facebook event page as well as provide an option for store nominations, and the cash mob should take a vote with a show of hands on the spot for our target store.  This would give all of the participants ownership of the decision.  We felt that we should also urge the participants to continue shopping locally after hitting the target store.

On Small Business Saturday, about 35 +  Cash Mobbers of all ages convened at 4pm on the stage of the Home Savings Plaza, a neutral location in downtown Kent,   As a group we discussed the options for our target store and asked if anyone had any suggestions, opinions or nominations they’d like to share.  There was a brief discussion, and the Cash Mob quickly voted with a show of hands on Dr. GreenBee, a new Kent business that sells eco-friendly lawn, garden, home and personal care items.  We took a group picture and all 35 of us walked into the store together announcing that they had been chosen to be “cash mobbed.”  A big smile spread across all of business owners’ faces, and we started shopping.  It turned out to be the store’s grand opening, so they also offered us snacks and samples of products!   A few Cash Mob stragglers met us at Dr. GreenBee.   I think we had an approximate total of 40 to attended the Kent Cash Mob!

We continued to shop in downtown Kent, and then we stopped into Ray’s Place, a local family friendly watering hole, for a drink, and some of us ate dinner.   A few who attended the Kent Cash Mob have jokingly begrudged how much they spent that day, but we are all super excited about it.  We have continued to create a Kent Cash Mob Facebook group, and we plan to continue to celebrate in support of our local businesses! https://www.facebook.com/groups/266744723373909/   All are welcome!

“Here’s to creating a sustainable economy and a culture of conscious consumerism!”


Fantastic job you two!!!  This earlier post had some great pictures from their mob!


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