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Show a Little “LOVE”


by Marty Mordarski

Cash Mobs is not an economic stimulus plan that will create or save millions of jobs or small businesses.  It won’t decrease unemployment, shift global markets, or bring about world peace.  It’s not the answer to all our economic woes and challenges.  But it is something.

Already, many people have many ideas about what this something is or what it could or should be.  The ideas are as passionately expressed as they are diverse. I can only speak for myself…

I believe Cash Mobs is a good idea because it is an IDEA.  It’s not THE answer.  It’s a question:

What are you doing to support the locally-owned businesses you “LOVE”?

I put “LOVE” in caps and quotes because I can’t (nor do I want to) define this for anyone else…and…because it’s critically important.  It’s the “why”.

Local, organic, niche, civic-minded, friendly, family-owned, profitable, not-for-profit, sustainable, global, unique, innovative, cutting-edge, reliable, online, convenient…the list of reasons why a person could “LOVE” a business is endless.

I’m not an economist, a philosopher, or an “activist” for that matter; however, I am a guy that believes that businesses that do well for their customers, their employees, and their communities have a higher probability of being rewarded with success.  I’m also a guy that is grateful for the freedom we have to choose how and why we spend our money.

And I’m a guy that believes that it’s one thing to say you “LOVE” something, and it’s another thing to show it.

My family and I “LOVE” Falls Ice Cream, a small locally-owned business in our home town.  We “LOVE” it because it’s close to home, the flavors are unique, the prices are great, the location is inviting, they support the local community, and their people are always friendly and provide great customer service.

Because the business is small and doesn’t have a large marketing budget doesn’t make us “LOVE” it any less, but I believe it does mean that if we truly “LOVE” it, we should probably consider choosing to buy our ice cream cones and sundaes from there when we’re in the market for ice cream cones and sundaes.

It’s not enough to say we “LOVE” it. We have to show it.

My hope is that Cash Mobs across the U.S., Canada, and around the world help others find and express their own voices about the businesses they “LOVE”; to their friends, families, and others in their communities.

I hope the voices inspire others to consider making different choices and not indict others for the different choices they make.

Most of all, I hope they encourage people to show a little more “LOVE”.



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