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Winston Churchill


Someone once asked Winston Churchill to what he attributed his success.  “Conservation of resources!” he declared.  He meant that he didn’t work more than he was required to work.  Well, that’s at least the interpretation for the purpose of this post.

See, we were going to put together a list of places to shop on Black Friday in Cleveland.  However, life happens.  Suddenly it’s 8:50 p.m. on Thanksgiving and you haven’t begun to put anything together.  Then you get a text from an old friend about an article that came out talking about Cash Mobs.  You read it.  You decide to conserve your resources.

My friends, if you’re in Cleveland this weekend and you’re looking to shop local and get gifts and KEEP IT HERE in North-East Ohio, I don’t think that you could do better than the Plain Dealer’s editorial from today.  Read it.  Calendar these events and map them out.  Get a few friends together.  Carpool.  MINI MOB.  Meet the people who made the gifts you’re giving in December, so when you’re talking to the recipients you can say, “Oh yeah, I had mimosas at Salty Not Sweet on Black Friday, and they had a PA system set up and we heckled people walking by,” (TRUE STORY) or, “Kathy Smash made these earrings, and we talked for like fifty minutes over fresh cookies,” (TRUE STORY) or, “I made this soap with Terra Verde Soap at a soap-making workshop she did,” (TRUE STORY).  Hang out with the folks at Dredgers Union or Big Fun, Room Service or…well, jeez.  There are a thousand places.

You know what?  Instead of trying to compile a list, I ask for your help.  Leave at least one place in the comments where you’d like to shop locally.  The place that gets the most mentions…well, maybe we’ll do a profile on them or something.

And if anyone out there in other places wants to submit a list, let me know and I’ll post it for you!  Lauren Way, Lisa Gilmore, Brian Maul, Big Jim, etc., I’m looking at you.


Cash Mobs

PS Unmiserable Cleveland’s guide! 

PPS Cool Cleveland’s guide!!



  1. Andrew Samtoy says:

    Jason Burchaski just tweeted about The Exchange. I’m having trouble finding a website.

  2. Candra says:

    Bazaar Bizarre On larchmere friday and sat!

  3. Deb says:

    Simply Charming is a new gift shop in University Heights, owned by 2 women. It’s near Warrensville Center Road & Silsby. Lots of unique stuff. But, it’s within a stone’s throw of Target, so it’s at risk. Please patronize it!

  4. kathy patton says:

    Gestures in Rocky River, Urban Orchid in Ohio City, Blush Boutique on Coventry in Cleveland Heights…. I know I know at least a dozen more… can’t think…. will come back…. AWESOME POST, by the way! But I’m not sure I can really talk for 50 minutes? (haha!)

  5. Kelly Blazek says:

    My faves? Banyan Tree and EvieLou in Tremont; Heartstrings and Juma Gallery and La Bella Vita in Little Italy – all in the 216!

  6. Check out Yelp Cleveland’s “2011’s Yelpiest Gift Guide Ever!” for lots of local shopping ideas: http://www.yelp.com/weekly?editorial_id=fvwwMOr_tHPxYMaRMzuklQ

    And don’t forget to take the Yelp Shops Local Pledge for the holiday season: http://bit.ly/yelpcleshops

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