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So Angie Gray up in Victoria took the Cash Mob concept and multiplied it for the shopping season.  SHE’S DOING A TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CASH MOB!!!

What I love about this:

  • She’s just going all-out.  There’s nothing shy about this.  If you go to every event and spend $20, you’ll be putting $280 into the local economy, and she has 237 people going as of right this second.
  • She has announced all of the stores; people have choices.
  • She specified that everyone is to bring their own $20 to spend.
  • 2,122 people were invited.  10% are going. That’s a GREAT response rate.
  • There looks to be a phenomenal selection of stores.

So first.  Cleveland.  Do we want to do something like this?

Second.  Other cities.  Anyone want to organize something so ridiculously over the top awesome?



  1. angie says:

    thanks for the inspiration, andrew! what a whirlwind few days! we will be on the news tonight, and im looking forward to seeing the number of “mobsters” skyrocket by morning!
    all the best,

  2. Christina says:

    I love this idea and am game to participate/help organize. Maybe Eastside/Westside choices? Cause there are folks who don’t like to cross the river for whatever reason.

  3. rutharthur3 says:

    Angie rocks!

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