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To tell or not to tell…


One of the biggest debates that we had when planning our first cash mob was whether to tell people WHICH business we were going to hit, and when.  The rules said that we would announce it a few hours before the mob, but then we started having some serious discussions about it.  We finally decided not to announce the business until we went.

The reasoning was simple: if we had told people we were going to Visible Voice books, then they would have been able to do a cost-benefit analysis of whether they wanted to go or not.  It would have involved deciding if they wanted a book, if they wanted to give someone a book, etc.  Why would that be bad?  Well, we figured that some people would decide not to go because they didn’t want a book, and some people would decide not to go because it was effort and they can go to Visible Voice any time they wanted, and a hardcore few would come to support a local business and participate in the mobbing.  If we didn’t announce it, people would come out of curiosity and because they were actually committed to supporting local businesses.  Their motives would be pure.  Plus, if they came without knowing where they were going, it would be an Adventure, and everyone loves Adventures.

The debate is still going on, though, and we’d love to hear other peoples’ opinions.  What do you think – is it better to announce the store or not, and why?



  1. Jillystrunk88 says:

    It should definitly be a secret! Because adventure is fun! And because I think the shop owner should be surprised, the surprised/happy look on their face is half the reason I want to do this

  2. Lolo says:

    I’m a fan of the surprise, for all your reasons stated.

    I think, maybe, hints coming every day or so. Like, the neighborhood or general area. And a coded word or phrase about what they sell. So people who NEED to know can have that game as part of the adventure, too. Like… knowing that San Diego will be mobbing on Tuesday, Dec 6 🙂

    Yay for Cash Mobs!

    • anthony monachino says:

      Telling what the store is about helps alot to plan to go to it. To go to a place that you are completely not into is a waste of time for many people. It would prevent me from goingto other ones.

  3. Kelly Blazek says:

    The surprise was a big part of the fun….and with friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to show appreciation for, don’t we all have some items to check off our list, whether we are “into” a particular type of store or not? Keep them a surprise – Adventure all the way!

  4. Vickie says:

    every store has something you can buy for 20 bucks, an impromptu appreciation gift to your secretary or your minister or your child’s teacher, something for the fire department or the police department, whatever you think of. Any number of people could benefit from the heartwarming experience of a surprise thank you. So you get a double benefit… the store gets business and you make someone else happy as well.

    • Joanna Credeur says:

      I totally agree, Vickie. I easily spend $20 a month on myself for I don’t really need. This allows me to put that $20 to better use and “pay it forward” at the same time thus continuing the whole gving experience. Besides, who says you have to have a reason to give someone a gift other than “because I like you!”

  5. Tammy McBride says:

    Keep it a surprise! Your primary reason for mobbing is to support local businesses – your decision to mob should not depend on whether or not you are “into” what they sell. And if you get there and can’t find anything of interest to purchase, then you could simply donate some money to the cash register. The idea is to keep the doors of small local businesses open!

  6. Bubba Metzia says:

    That reasoning seems kind of foolish. A one time group of people coming there wont have long term benefits if it’s not the type of place that those customers would go back to. If people knew what the place was in advance then only the people actually interested in the product would go and they would be more likely to be repeat customers, which would be a sustainable long term benefit to the firm rather than just a one time thing.

    • Joanna Credeur says:

      I disagree, Bubba. True, I might visit a store that I will never return to, but there is also a good chance that I will discover a store that interests me that I might not have discovered otherwise. Also, if every “mobber” that participates tells 2 or 3 friends about that particular business, it has the potential to generate a bigger customer base for that business. And if my 2 or 3 friends each tell 2 or 3 friends…….. Well, you get the picture!

  7. cmbendigo says:

    Reblogged this on Cash Mob Bendigo and commented:
    Here’s an interesting one about WHY cash mobs generally don’t share where they’re going to mob

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