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Great Expectations


by Marty Mordarski

Much like the crowd of people gathered at the corner of W. 11th and Kennilworth in Tremont last Wednesday night, we weren’t quite sure what to expect during our first “Cash Mob”.  As a matter of fact, here’s a list of things we didn’t expect:

  • The news vans, the bright lights, the reporters, the microphones, and all the attention we received leading up to that night in the newspaper, online, on TV, and on the radio.
  • We didn’t expect our Twitter followers to double overnight and all the positive support and feedback from people around Northeast Ohio.
  • We didn’t expect that thirty-five plus people would be daring enough to show up, despite the mystery, newness, dark, and cold.
  • We didn’t expect to have helped generate over $1,500 for two local businesses that night – Visible Voice Books and Bac.
  • We didn’t expect a national and worldwide response; like Cash Mobs being planned in California, Oregon, North and South Carolina, and across the Atlantic in the U.K. and Spain.

By all accounts, our first Cash Mob exceeded all our expectations, and we can’t say how grateful and amazed we are at all the support we’ve received from people all over the world – and especially right here in Northeast Ohio!

That isn’t to say that everything went according to plan.  That isn’t to say we didn’t learn some things that will help us move this forward and evolve. And with that in mind, here are a few thoughts we’d like to share:

What’s the point?  If this was the first and last Cash Mob in the history of Cash Mobs we hope we’ve at least accomplished one thing.  We hope that we’ve inspired some people to consider supporting locally-owned businesses in their own communities: businesses that provide valuable and unique services and are a critical part of the fabric that holds together a local economy.

What did we learn?

People care about their locally-owned businesses.
People are passionate about supporting others who provide valuable services to the people in their communities.  That’s really inspiring.

What’s next?  First, we need to fully digest everything we learned over the last few weeks.  Your creativity, feedback, and inspiration have already caused us to consider several next steps that could completely change the original direction in which we thought we were heading.

In the meantime…if you, too, felt inspired by what’s transpired over the last few weeks…we ask only one thing of you.  Act.  You certainly don’t need us to prompt you (although you can bet you’ll hear from us again soon)!

If every person who attended our first Cash Mob, or every person who follows us on Twitter inspires their own close groups of friends to take a day out of the week and support a locally-owned business, just imagine the impact.  And if a month from now there are a dozen people doing their own versions of “Cash Mobs” to remind people to actively support the locally-owned businesses they love, that would be absolutely amazing.

So please, continue to send us your feedback and suggestions.  If you’re planning your own “Cash Mob” let us know!  And most importantly, go out and support the local businesses that you love.  You’ll not only exceed their expectations…but you’ll attain their sincere appreciation.  Thank you all…we’ll be in touch again soon!

Mansfield Frazier in Cool Cleveland

The Plain Dealer

Marketplace Money




  1. jim simpson says:

    this is an awesome idea…

  2. Good stuff. You got a Black Friday target?

  3. […] tripled business on August 5th 2011 for Buffalo’s City Wine Merchant. Here in Cleveland, Samtoy’s first Cash Mob generated over $1,500 in business for Tremont’s Visible Voice Books and Bac. Since then Cash […]

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