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What we’re doing tonight is supporting local stores.  These are stores owned by people who live in our communities, who employ our neighbors and friends from our communities, which contribute to our communities and which, when the sun goes down and they go home at night, don’t take our money and send it to other cities, states or countries, but keep it right here in Cleveland, creating wealth here.

Join us at the corner of Kenilworth and West 11th at 6 p.m. TONIGHT, across from Civilization Coffee Shop, and lets help local businesses succeed!



  1. Kristine says:

    What a brilliant idea! 🙂 Kristine

  2. EB says:

    I was thinking the same thing! I wasn’t going to buy x-mas presents this year, but maybe I’ll do this instead. Much better than some conglomerate store getting it!

  3. Jim Pollock says:

    just saw your story on the news……excellent idea!!!!…best of luck!!……is there some way to be notified of your next cash mob automatically? if you had a list that people could sign up for, and then someone could send out a quick text, that would be great. also have you ever given thought to the idea of doing a lunch cash mob event? again you could send out a quick text telling everyone to meet a local lunch place in the downtown area. not only would it be a great way to meet other folks who want to support local merchants, but also a way to network with similar folks. thanks again for starting this movement!! super, super idea!!

  4. Darrick Litten says:

    Way to go! A true American way and you my man are the fire behind it! Great idea and it really shows the American pride! THIS NEEDS TO GET TO OUR LOCAL GOVERMENT AND THEN TO THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT! They talk about improving the economy well my friend if you run for President you have my VOTE!!! Keep up the GOOD WORK!

  5. Billy Bass says:

    When and where is the next one.

  6. This is wonderful! We have been singing the Shop Local/Support Local for our teachers store in Westlake ever since we opened 16 months ago. How do we become one of the places you choose to shop at? We would welcome a Cash Mob at Educator’s Market & Toy!!!

  7. Caleb says:

    Please consider this – Instead of spending $20 each at a store, go in and buy a $5 item and tip the person working there (for minimum wage) the remaining $15.

    The person working behind the counter is paid the least and doing the most work. The manager or owner probably isn’t having near as hard of a time as they are…

    If you just go spend $20 then most of that $20 is going to end up in the owners hands, maybe some in the managers hands as a bonus, and I’d bet you NONE of it ends up in the cashiers hands. Food for thought.

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