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“I been in this game for years; it made me an animal.  There’s rules to this ____ – I wrote me a manual.”

Here are the rules we’ve developed for running cash mobs here in Cleveland.  We’re interested in other variations, so let us know if you have a proposed change, as these aren’t set in stone!

1)    The mob must be announced a week in advance via Twitter; the specific location will be announced six hours before the cashmob will take place (should this be less or more?).

2)    The general location will be announced, but not the specific business to support.

3)    The amount to spend will not be above $20, although people can spend more if they wish.

4)    The business must have products for both men and women.

5)    The business must be locally owned.

6)    The business owner must give back to the community in some way.

7)    The business owner must approve the CashMob before the mob is announced.

8)    The business must be within one block of a watering hole.

9)    Cash Mobbers must join us for celebratory drinks after the successful mob.

10) The cash mob will occur during the evening on a weekday or on a weekend.

11) Pictures will be posted to the blog after the CashMob.

12) Parking must be available.



  1. Joan says:

    Although I won’t be able to participate in a cash mob event, I would love to see a listing of the locally owned businesses that you have or will consider. I would love to support them specifically for the holiday season, but also for future purchases.

    Thank you so much!

  2. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! I think you may want more than 6 hours for the location tho, but that’s just my opinion. Good luck!!

  3. Val says:

    GREAT IDEA! Love it! Good luck with it!

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